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Stormy Stewart


We had two litters of Syberian huskys. Raptor was from the first litter. This is the life of my closest companion in snapshots.

Many are with captions as I use "Cheeseburger" to add captions.

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life of a true friend


1Raptor was born the daughter of "Cody-lu Lord of the Winds" and "Cheyenne Empress of Raccoons" on April 22nd 2005. She was one of a litter of 7. The picture is that of her father Cody-lu
2We kept her and her brother "Demon OF Tranquillity'
3This is Demon and father Cody-lu. Demon is the tall one.
4Raptor spends her time patroling the house and back yard for anything out of place. She spends most of her time by my side. She watches as I get on line and waits fro my return when I am at work. She loves trips to Dairy Queen where she enjoys a vanilla ice cream in a cup
5This is the only picture we have of Raptor's sister "Cody" with her owner Matt

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