Aroma therapy and Herbal medicine Part 6 (P through SP)

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aroma therapy part 6


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How to Make Aroma therapy and Herbal medicine Part 6 (P through SP)


  1. Palmarosa {Cymbopogon Martini}: A very useful oil for reducing high temperatures in fevers. Has good anti bacterial and anti viral properties too. It is reputed to eradicate wrinkles, as it helps the skin cells balance their water content as well as the natural oil sebum, it could be reducing them. Very useful for dry skins, but a good general skin tonic.
  2. Parsley Seed {Petroselinum Sativum}: A very potent oil that should be used with care. However it has a good cooling and clearing action on the mind. Used mainly as a diuretic to counter water retention during menstruation. It also has been used in fighting
    cellulite. Also useful when used in labor as it strengthens uterine contractions. But for the
    same reasons it should not be used during pregnancy, or painful menstruation. It is a good tonic for the digestive system, especially the liver and kidneys as it improves circulation and helps cleanse the blood. However it should not be used in people with kidney problems, as it could over stimulate a weak organ. A good skin and scalp tonic. Use infrequently.
  3. Patchouli {Pogostemon Patchouli}: A strong earthy oil that will forever be associated with hippies and the 60s. It has a balancing action upon the mind, useful for overcoming lethargy and increasing objectivity. As it has a mild appetite suppressant quality it is frequently used to aid dieting. It's astringent qualities may help tighten loose skin after dieting too. Useful in the menopause for helping with hot flushes, and is frequently used as a natural deodorant. Also very useful for cracked and weeping skin conditions.
  4. Peach Kernel {Prunus persica}: A very useful carrier oil, suitable for all skin types, but especially dry skins. Can be used as moisturizing base too.
  5. Peppermint {Mentha Arvensis}: Should more correctly be called Cornmint, Very good for helping clear the respiratory system. Is reputed to help speed up the metabolism and has been used to help with weight loss. A refreshing oil that can sharpen the senses in the
    morning. Can irritate sensitive skins, and over use can over stimulate the nervous system.
  6. Peppermint {Mentha Piperita}: A cooling and soothing oil. Very effective for all respiratory conditions, and has a relaxing effect upon digestive problems. The cooling effect upon joint inflammation can make it useful for arthritis, and it works on muscle pain too. A useful skin cleanser that helps remove blackheads, and its cooling action can relieve itching and help
    with sunburn. Effective upon greasy skin and hair.
  7. Petitgrain {Citrus Aurantium}: A nice calming oil that can be used to aid Convalescence. A good cleansing oil that can help clearing up blemishes like pimples or even acne.
  8. Pimento Berry {Pimento Officinalis}: A potent yet useful oil, which helps stimulate local circulation.
    This can aid rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Also can help with muscle cramp and pain. It can be a good overall tonic for the body. Over use on the skin can cause a rash.
  9. Pimento Leaf {Pimento Officinalis}: A milder effect than Pimento Berry, and more suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  10. Pine Needle {Pinus Sylvestris}: A very powerful antiseptic. Helps with Bronchitis and other
    respiratory conditions. A useful Kidney cleanser, and it can help with cystitis. Further it has an anti-inflammatory effect upon the gall bladder. Also has a beneficial effect upon prostrate problems in men. And is reputed to help overcome male impotency. In women it can help with uterine inflammation too.
  11. Ravensara {Ravensara Aromatica}: A very useful oil for cleaning and clearing the breathing passages. Also works well upon the sinuses too. A useful toning oil that can help tighten underused muscles, further it can help keep the breasts firm. Useful for treating menstrual cramps too.
  12. Rose Hip {Rosa Mosqueta}: The skin rejuvenating properties of rose are utilized in this carrier oil. Normally used at 5% to 10% of total carrier oil volume, it can add a feel of luxury to a conditioning blend.
  13. Rose Otto {Rosa damascena}: This is a truly feminine oil. It's effect upon the mind is reputed to be more pronounced in women, and is said to make her feel more positive about herself. Said to increase the production of dopamine. Further this oil is a useful
    tonic for reproductive problems, from aiding pre menstrual syndrome to aiding vaginal secretions during intercourse. Yet it also is reputed to increase semen production in men. Useful for all skin types, yet particularly effective on Mature, Dry, or Sensitive skin. Further it can soften hard skin, and is a wonderful oil for hardworking hands. A valuable treatment for broken and thread veins.
  14. Rosemary {Rosmarinus Officinalis}: A wonderful energizing oil, with its pain killing qualities
    without the sedative action makes it a useful oil for muscular aches and pains. A good oil for treating headaches and Migraine. A useful toning oil. Said to help with anemia, and is reputed to help with cellulite too. Useful for sagging and puffy skin. However as it raises blood pressure it should be avoided by people with hypertension as well as people with Epilepsy.
  15. Rosewood {Aniba Rosaeaodora}: Also known as Bois de Rose. Illegal logging and rain forest depletion has seriously endangered this source spices. It is however still useful for chronic conditions. Yet it is it's reputation as an aphrodisiac that seems to keep it on the general market.
  16. Sage {Salvia lavandulaefolia}: A calming oil when used sparingly. Beneficial for menstrual and reproductive problems. As it imitates Oestrogen, it can help with regulating the menstrual cycle. Has a good reputation for aiding conception. Further in menopause it
    can help with excessive sweating and hot flushes. Useful tonic for the liver and kidneys, promotes urine flow, and this diuretic effect can help with weight loss. Very effective in helping close large pores. Gives dull hair back its shine.
  17. Sage {Salvia Officinalis}: See Sage {Salvia lavandulaefolia}. This variant has a toxic effect,
    even at low doses, so is best avoided for home use.
    Sage {Salvia lavandulaefolia} does not have this toxic effect but is still a potent oil.
  18. Sandalwood Mysore {Santalum Album}: While Sandalwood does grow in other areas of the world, it only the Sandalwood from the Mysore region that has the full therapeutic effect. It has a strong calming effect but should not be used for depression as it can deepen the depression. However it is very useful for helping the terminally ill as it can bring feelings of acceptance. A useful oil for it's genito-urinary action and can be used to treat Cystitis. A useful skin oil especially for dry skin, and skin conditions. Further it can help with acne.
  19. Savoury {Satureja Hortensis}: A very powerful antiseptic, very useful for helping formation of scar tissue. Also aids insect stings and bites. A soothing oil that can help with burns too. Reputed to be an aphrodisiac.
  20. Savoury {Satureja Montana}: See Savoury {Satureja Hortensis}. This is the winter Savoury;
    {Satureja Hortensis} is the Summer Savoury.
  21. Sesame {Sesamum Indicum}: Another carrier oil, can be used at 100% of total.
  22. Spearmint {Mentha Spicata}: A useful oil for treating nausea and may help with travel sickness too. Can soothe itchy skin. Wonderfully refreshing skin cleanser, but as a potent oil it should be used with care and only on localized areas, never to be used
    on whole body massage.
  23. Spearmint {Mentha Viridis}: See Spearmint {Mentha Spicata}. A variant.
  24. Spikenard {Nardostachys Jatamansi}: A wonderful relaxing oil that can help induce restful sleep. Also its anti-inflammatory action can help with inflamed skin conditions.

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