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project uno & unconditional love

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Recipe by
Jodi Shattuck
Hillsboro, NH

Every one always asks about Uno and his momma Babbette. All our friends know we have become Cat Lovers. The neighborhood children love to see our cats in the window and talk to them and ask of their well being. It takes patience, but I recommend anyone to help an animal and build trust. they can be as much your friend as you are theirs. they all have their own personality and it is fun to get to know them and understand them. saving or rescuing an animal is one of the greatest things you can do. Respect life!

(1 rating)
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Ingredients For project uno & unconditional love

  • 1 lg
    starving female black himalayan "dumpster
  • 1 lg
    white male main coon/siamese
  • 7 bunch
    very cold nights
  • 1 lg
    caring son w/new apartment

How To Make project uno & unconditional love

  • 1
    Recieve phone call from son asking how to get rid of a stray black cat who is spraying his new apartment porch with foul smell. Think for a few days...
  • 2
    Arrive at sons apartment, open car door, and get jumped on by said black cat who will not be removed from the car. Add one smiling son and a wave good bye as he runs inside his new apartment. Add a few shakes of the head, a lecture given to said cat about rules and a "concerned" husband.
  • 3
    Several weeks later, hearing cat, now named Babbette, howling in designated "cat room". Run upstairs to discover a liter box full of non-kittens and one alive and wiggling. EMT Husband carefully pulls kitten from liter, dunks whole body of kitten in a small bowl of water, cleans eyes, mouth & ears then hands kitten to wife and runs downstairs! Wife cleans off Momma kitty and applies kitten to her tummy to no avail several times. Calls vet and takes his advice.
  • 4
    Wife spends weeks, bottle feeding and squirting formula onto kitten so momma will lick it off, hoping her maternal instinct will kick in. It doesn't. Mix a batch of homemade Pedia-Lite for kitten to stay hydrated while wife is at work.
  • 5
    Name Kitten Uno Burrito. Kitten is wrapped in a warm beige wash cloth being fed with bottle at kitchen counter, son walks in and asks if I am making burritos. "No son, I am feeding your cats kitten". He is amazed, but once again runs from my sight. When Uno opens his eyes we are pleasantly surprised by their light blue color. Vet confirms that he is a mix of Himalayan, Maine Coon & Siamese.
  • 6
    Despite not wanting any more animals, these three cats (Momma, Uno and Uno's friend Kiki) have become a part of our heart & soul. they have touched us like no other pets before them. Uno is always with me, he talks to me, licks my arms and gives me "love bites" as if I was a sibling or parent. He performs mind boggling crazy stunts, loves to play and has even adopted his own pet a small grey kitten to keep him company. Despite being a singleton and having no one to teach him limits and hierarchy, he protects his kitten friend and plays with her gently. He helps makes us whole and happy and proud. We have become the "kitten savers" of the area. We always find a way and have found homes for other animals that needed saving since Uno came to us. It is because Uno has shown us how to care and over come and respect life. Served with a dose of determination and sweet faith, we can do many things when we try! Thank-you Uno. Happy Third Birthday!! 11/20/11

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