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amish folk medicine for warts

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a recipe by
Stormy Stewart
Mio, MI

I recieved a Amish folk medicine book from a dear friend awhile back. Here is one of the recipes in that book.

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Ingredients For amish folk medicine for warts


How To Make amish folk medicine for warts

  • 1
    Soak a bandage in Castor oil and tie around the wart region
  • 2
    Apply Celandine or Milkweed Juice to the wart.
  • 3
    Touch wart with a tooth pick soaked in castor oil (also helps eliminate corns)
  • 4
    Rub Wart with raw potato peelings
  • 5
    Wash wart region 3 times a day with baking soda and water solution
  • 6
    Apply the milky juice of a dandelion to the wart
  • 7
    Rub the wart each day with a piece of white chalk
  • 8
    Apply wood ashes to the wart.
  • 9
    Apply Iodine daily
  • 10
    Rub fresh garlic on the wart daily
  • 11
    From Bob Weiner My son battled warts for over a year while in middle school. I cant tell you how hard that was on him as children can be so cruel! I went to the Dr's office for months and spent plenty of $ between that and over the counter wart freeze etc....Then I found distilled white vinegar. That's right.....plain ol vinegar! I cut cosmetic pads in very small pieces (just enough to cover the wart) and put the pieces in a small Tupperware container and filled with vinegar. Apply after shower every nite and cover with a band aid or tape. remove in the morning and wash hands. I SWEAR BY IT!!!!! It DOES work with in two weeks the warts turned very black and hard. They eventually fell off leaving a raw area I treated with anti biotic cream without covering!!!! tried and true!
  • 12
    Sandy Mika says the vinegar works too, my daughter used apple cider vinegar fot her planter warts and they were gone within two weeks