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asian steamed fish from the mainland china.

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Recipe by
Maria Espravnik
Warrensburg, MO

This is the mainland recipe. Very popular way to cook

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yield 6 /8
cook time 30 Min
method Steam

Ingredients For asian steamed fish from the mainland china.

  • 1-2 3/4 lb
    1-2 " thick whole fish or flllets. have fish monger scale
  • 1-21/2 tsp
  • 3-6 stalk
    green onions
  • 1-2 sm
    knobs ginger
  • 1-21/2 tsp
  • 1 clove
  • 1 bunch
  • 3-4 pinch
  • 1-21/2 Tbsp
    soy sauce lite or dark
  • 3 slice
    garlic (sm-med) slice see main fish recipe directions and above
  • scallions see main fish recipe directions and main ings above.
  • ginger see fish directions and ings list above
  • 1-3 Tbsp

How To Make asian steamed fish from the mainland china.

  • 1
    BEFORE you START the fish: Place 2-3" water in a wok place chop sticks in wok tightly securely. Basically what you’re doing is to elevate the pan where your fish is placed so it’s not submerged in water. The steam cooks the fish, not that water!! Replace cover tightly and securely. Boil water rapidly
  • 2
    Clean your fish. Decsale fish thoroughly , @ market.... Ask fish monger to do this (if possible) At home : wash fish with 1-2 pinches salt rub. Rinse and pat dry completely with paper towels Deeply gash fish 3 times. Rub inside with salt and rinse. See notes. Remember to dry throughly devoid of liquids or wetness
  • 3
    Slice scallions into 3---4 sections. Then slice length wise into thin 2-3 " LENGTHS. Refer to notes
  • 4
    Slice 3-6 slices of ginger. Julienne 1/2 of slices
  • 5
    1-2 slices garlic diced finely chopped
  • 6
    Take 1/2 of garlic slices 1/2 . Ginger and scallions.pieces Stuff fish
  • 7
    Turn the boiling wok of water down to medium Place fish in uncovered wok and replace lid.
  • 8
    Lay fish on 1-2 slices scallions ( your fish bed)
  • 9
    Steam fish.Place the plate on a rack in a steamer, cover, steam. Basically what you’re doing is to elevate the pan where your fish is placed so it’s not submerged in water. The steam cooks the fish,not the water!! Steam until the fish flakes easily with a fork 10 mins per inches .... general rule of thumb. But alot factors into that so not set in stone Check to see if its done at the times indicated *see cooking times chart) Poke your at the flesh GENTLY near the top fin. If flesh flakes easily near the top fin, then its done. If flesh sticks together still, then add 1-2 more minutes to cooking time. For fillets, just gently poke at the flesh in the middle. Timing really depends on the thickness of your fish. Also check to make sure you haven't run out of steaming water
  • 10
    Sauté julienned ginger garlic and scallion pieces. Add soy sauce remove from after 1-2 -mins. Pour your suave atop. Enjoy your masterpiece
  • 11
    Serve with rice, sauce
  • 12
    Tips and special notes 1. We DON'T behead the fish or remove it's tail ,fins keep it intact 2. In the past, some slice the fish belly open. Splitting fish in 1/2, lengthwise. Most have seen and learned it is best to make 3 gashes clean, wash the fish as done in step 2 and then stuff it as in step 6 3 Secret to restaurant quality steamed fish is to steam on medium heat. You want to delicately steam the fish. A high rolling harsh boil will tear apart the delicate flesh of the fish and finished dish will not look as pretty (plus you run the risk of over cooking the fish.) 4. Many homes used to serve this fish with the liquid juices created during steaming process plus whatever herbs they added prior to steaming. We learned to drain and discard that liquid. Then we serve with our own sauce and FRESH herbs. Many cooks still serve the fish with its cooked juices, and add herbs or whatever else they want to steam the flavorful fish with.
  • 13
    Tips, cooking times, charts, and special notes Whole fish 1 lb: check at 12 minutes, add 2 minutes for every 1/2 lb Fillets 1" and thicker: check at 10 minutes, add 2 minutes for every 1/2" more thickness Fillets less than 1": check at 7 minutes Super thin fillets: check at 5 minutes If you are using a whole fish, then just think in terms of pounds. 1 1/2 pound fish = check at 12 minutes, steam up to 15 minutes. every half pound, add 2 minutes. If you are using fillets, then check at 10 minutes. Really thin fillets – check at 7 minutes. How to check for doneness on whole fish: Open the lid, poke at meat near the top fin GENTLY. If the meat flakes easily, then it is done. Mom's cozy family guide to steaming times is as follows:– Weigh the fish after it’s descaled, gutted & cleaned. 1 sec for every gram. For example, a fish that weighs 480g => 480sec => 8min A fish of 570g => 570sec => 9min 30sec After 8min is up, turn off heat & leave covered for additional 2min. I found that the seabass types (grouper ...) which is thicker-for-weight than the average fish, I need to use an additional 2min or so. At home mom/our family never really used fillets, so we never discussed this guide or any other for fillets. But I would do would be a ‘guestimate’ based on how much would be the weight of a fish of a similar thickness as the fillet.
  • 14
    Tips, cooking options, make-it-your own including modern methods for the modern kitchen! You may change the recipe by using different seasonings, such as chili peppers, and garnishing with garlic, chopped cilantro, green onions or shredded peppers. You can also increase the ginger for a stronger flavor.(mmm) If you want to cook this fish in the microwave, cover the fish with plastic wrap on a microwave dish and cook for 3 minutes on high. Let stand for 2 minutes and rotate the dish. Cook an additional 2 minutes on high.
  • 15
    The microwave way! Originally was the feature in the modern methods and cooking options. But it exploded rapidly into a.. you may want this fish in the microwave, cover the fish with plastic wrap on a microwave dish and cook for 3 minutes on high. Let stand for 2 minutes and rotate the dish. Cook an additional 2 minutes on high.
  • 16
    micro-cook (con't) Cooking fish is a microwave is really clean, quick and easy. We had a discussion about cooking fish Cantonese style. Some requested this method. This an overview of cooking fish in the microwave not recipe. One way a lot of Cantonese cook fish is to steam it. This is sometime a big production. A complete steamer setup is required and a hassle We have been microwaving fish for years. We have 1500 watts microwave with a turntable. We use the high setting and cook about 3 minutes a lb of whole fish (clean, gutted with head tail intact). It must be a whole fish. Do not spilt the fish either. Have not use fillets . Place fish in a high edge dish cover with plastic wrap and cook at high for about 3 minutes a pound of fish. When complete wait a couple of minutes after the microwave stops then remove the plastic wrap and pour out any water from the plate. This water from the fish will be fishy taste and smell. Add cut some fresh ginger and green onions on top of the fish. Then heat some peanut oil and sesame oil. When the oil is just smoking remove from the heat. Pour some good soy sauce over the fish then add the hot oil. We'll at timesl heat the soy sauce and add a little sugar to add a sweet taste to the fish. We have cooked all types of fish in this way. The toppings depends on the fish. We do only whole fish in this manner. Boneless fish like filets (no clues?) The way the microwave cooks is from the inside out which means the fish is fully cooked and not under cooked. But trial/ error is the only way to gauge your own microwave cooking process. We got a new microwave, took three fishes to nail timing. Two pluses for cooking in this manner easy cleanup and little fish smell in the house. why we never cook salted fish at home. The dish is wonderful but the smell for days after is not..

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