Rose Mary Mogan


This is my creation between Beef Bourguignon & Stew with Corn Meal & Bisquick Dumplings.

I cooked it low & slow, to allow the meat to get very tender & the broth become thick & rich in flavor. I added some of the elements used in Bourguignon, then sautéed the veggies in the oil where the beef was browned, added tomato paste & a rich robust Red wine.

The Corn Dumplings added the finishing touch needed to make this so comforting, on a cool rainy day. My Beef Loving husband was very pleased with dinner on yesterday. We even have leftovers, I will make a crusty Bread to go with it today.

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10 -12 or more depending on portion size
35 Min
3 Hr 5 Min
Stove Top


2 1/2-3 lb
lean beef stew meat, cubed
1 lb
baby carrots (halved lengthwise)
2 medium
red onions, chopped
5 stalk(s)
celery chopped
6 medium
russet potatoes (cut into 8's) or potatoes of your choice
8 oz
whole or sliced button mushrooms
1 jar(s)
whole baby onions (15 ounce)
1 bag(s)
frozen baby peas
6 oz
can tomato paste
28 oz
can crushed tomatoes
32 oz
box beef broth (low sodium if available)
3 c
red burgundy wine
3/4-1 c
all purpose flour
3 pkg
splenda or other zero calorie sweetener (2 tbs. sugar) optional
bay leaves
1 Tbsp
dried thyme (or less if desired)
1/3 c
olive oil or canola (or more as needed)


2 Tbsp
each chopped dried chive,cumin, & paprika,
11/2 Tbsp
each granulated garlic, onion, & steak seasoning


1 1/3 c
2/3 c
yellow corn meal
2/3 c
milk or a bit more if needed
3 Tbsp
dried chopped chive
2 tsp
each granulated onion & garlic


1Half Baby carrots length wise chop celery & Red Onions. Set aside till needed.
2Add all spices to a small bowl then sprinkle liberally to coat beef stew on all sides using a large platter.
3Allow seasoned meat to sit and marinate for at least 15-20 minutes so the flavors will marry the meat.
4Add the flour to the meat and toss to coat evenly on all sides.
5Add the oil to the pot and heat until very hot, and then add the meat cubes, being sure not to over crowd the bottom of the pot. You want to SEAR THE MEAT, NOT STEAM IT on all sides until it is browned. Remove when browned and repeat , adding more oil if needed to brown the remaining beef cubes.
6Add the carrots and chopped veggies, to the pot and sauté about 8-10 minutes.
7Now add the beef stew back into the pot with the sautéed veggies, and stir to mix together.
8Now add in the beef broth, mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste and red wine, stir to blend together. NOW LOWER HEAT TO VERY LOW,COVER WITH A LID AND SIMMER FOR ABOUT 1 AND A HALF HOURS, STIRRING OFTEN TO PREVENT STICKING.
9After the first 1 1/2 hours of cooking add the peeled & cut potatoes, and stir to blend into pot. Cook over low heat until potatoes are tender, about 45 minutes or so. Prepare the dumplings.
10Add the frozen peas, just before adding the dumplings.
11Make the dumplings by adding the Bisquick, corn meal, milk, granulated garlic and onion,& chopped chive and stir to blend. Drop dough into pot, on top of simmering Beef stew, and allow to cook for 10 minutes, UNCOVERED. Then add the lid to pot and CONTINUE to cook an additional 10 minutes. Serve while still hot. I will post the picture steps to make the dumplings in a separate recipe, so please look for it. The main ingredients for the dumpling recipe came from one of my Bisquick Cookbooks, I added the chopped chive, garlic & onion Powder to give it more flavor.

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