Rose Mary Mogan


I love vegetables & for me there is no better way to eat them on a cold winters day than in a thick rich hearty soup.

But because my husband loves meat so well, I knew I had to add some type of meat to it, in order to satisfy his taste palette. So the addition of Beef Chuck Roast was added to make it very hearty.

I basically cooked it using only Vegetable Juice, Beef Broth & Red Wine as the liquid ingredients.

I made this before being diagnosed with Pneumonia, but never had time to post it until now. Orzo is a pasta but is shaped like rice on steroids as my brother likes to call it.

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8 or more hearty portions
25 Min
2 Hr 45 Min
Stove Top


2 lb
beef chuck roast cubed
1/2 c
corn starch
3 Tbsp
canola oil
1 Tbsp
cumin,paprika & onion powder
1 Tbsp
sumac, or lemon zest
2 large
yellow onions chopped
2 large
red onions chopped
1 large
green bell pepper, chopped
4 stalk(s)
celery chopped
28 oz
can crushed tomatoes
1 lb
whole carrots peeled & cut up
46 oz
vegetable juice
64 oz
beef broth
2 c
red wine, ( i used sweet)
1 1/4 c
orzo pasta
bay leaves
1 1/2 Tbsp
each garlic powder & steak seasoning


1My husband helped me with this soup because I wasn't feeling well, he seared all of the meat, in 3 different batches, but didn't take any pictures of it being seared. I am sorry. You do not need to over crowd the pot, or the meat will steam instead of sear on all sides. I originally made a crusty bread to serve with this soup but it was all gone before I could take a picture of it with the soup, hence the crackers you see in the picture.
2Add all the spices to a small bowl.
3Stir to blend together.
4Season meat generously with spice blend.
5Add cornstarch to meat and coat on all sides. Sear meat in batches. By adding canola oil to large pot, then heat till hot, then drop enough of the beef into the pot to cover the bottom, being careful not to overcrowd. Brown on all sides, then remove meat with a slotted spoon to a large platter, and repeat till all the meat has been browned.
6Wash, peel and chop all of the veggies and leave in pan till needed.
7Add all of the seared meat back into the large pot.
8Add the crushed tomatoes, & vegetable juice & bay leaves.
9Stir to mix together till blended together in pot.
10Add beef broth.
11Then add the 2 cups of red wine. LOWER heat and continue to cook for at least 2 to 2 and a half hours till meat becomes very tender.
12After about 1 and a half hours into cooking time add the chopped vegetables, and continue to cook for an additional half hour, stirring periodically to prevent mixture from sticking to bottom of the pot.
13After 2 hours add the orzo pasta, and stir to blend, but continue to cook until pasta is tender about 10 to 15 minutes or so.DO NOT FORGET TO STIR TO PREVENT STICKING IN BOTTOM OF POT.
14Ladle soup into serving bowls.
15Serve with your favorite crusty bread or crackers as desired.

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