Uses for Strawberry, mango, jalapeno pepper jelly

Stormy Stewart


I make this new recipe for Strawberry, mango, jalapeno pepper jelly Because I didn't have all the mangos another recipe had called for so I substituted strawberries. What came out was majick. Now we are exploring it's possibilities. So far we have come up with:

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other assorted additives


1First you have to make the recipe above then try these ideas
3cream cheese covered with the jelly and served with crackers or chips
4As a glaze for any BBQ meat. Especially good on sliced kielbasa, polish sausage, pork chops and steaks, and any chicken including wings
5As a glaze for kabobs, meat, veggies or fruit
6As a marinate for anything from meats to veggies or even fruits.
7As a glaze for grilled eggplant
8As a glaze for grilled pineapple.
9Tucked inside a wonton or eggroll with cream cheese.
10as a sandwitch spread for subs or sandwitches
11As a sauce for a veggie pizza using the basic recipe fromany of these

Then drizzling the jelly over top to kick it up a notch.
12it would even by great over an omlet in the morning
13As a dip for shrimp, wontons. chicken strips, fried clams, gater tail, grouper or cod fish, French fries (especially the steak fries), onion rings, and deep fried mushrooms
14In place of the egg wash in any breaded meat like fried chicken or gater tail
15To add a kick to many soups especially hot chinese soups.
16drizzled over spegetti noodles for a healthy tastee and quick dinner.
17as a dip with fried green tomatoes or as the egg wash for fried green tomatoes
18as a marinate for jerky.
19As a salad dressing
20as a sauce with tempura