Roasted Lemond Ginger Chicken, n rice stuffing



this chicken will fall of the fork it is so tender

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8 personna's
30 Min
3 Hr


5 lb
free range whole chicken
1 stick
grated ginger- fresh and peeled
2 large
1 c
half cooked long graine rice
5 medium
3 medium
2 medium
5 large
1/4 lb
ground chicken
1 can(s)
1 large
white onion
2 c
butternut squash


2 c
white wine or cooking wine ( your prfference is what makes the flaour what you want it too be.


1I firstly always rinse my chicken and put it on the side for about 10 min while you make the rice stuffing

take your rice and cook it in a high temp on stove top for aprox,, 5 min( the rest will cook in the oven )
take your ground chicken and fry it on the stove top add this too the rice when done as well as these othe rtwo products
about 1/8th of the canned corn
dice up one of the 5 carrots very fine
do the same with celery.
take this stuffing and mix it well before stuffing your chick too the gills ( ha ha bad joke)
2now that your chicken is stuffed effectivley
take the two lenonds and slice them in half ..squeeeese all the juice you can get from them and pour 1.5 of it in side the chicken where the stuffing is . the rest smother it on top of the chicken skin
add your grounded ginger , and poultry seasoning

put the chicken in a ell sisd roasting pan , and add 1 cup water at first

i like too add my potatoes and beets caroots and celery in the pot as well as a whole onion so that it cooks together or, u can make a huge mess in the kitchen and make each side seperatley..on the stove top about 30 min before the chicken is done..
3place it in the oven at 350 ferenheight for 30 min,
reduce the heat too 200 degree ferenheight for the remainder of the 3 hours

in the 3 hours , each half hour add a 1/3 cup of wine and drizzle it on with love . baste it as well
4when all is done .
scoop out the rice , tenderly with thongs pick up the veggies on the side of the chicken and place them nice on a platter . the rice in a heat perserving type bowl . and loveingly serve the family or guest you ar inspiring ....

eat well , bonna apetitto...
a votre sante , salute , salute. and all the good things in life.


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