"Chicken Hoagie Roll delight!"

Edminister Amanda


This is a VERY fast and easy way to to fill the tummy's that are around you! Best yet...No need for a Pan or Pot!

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5 Min


2 slice
hogie roll (s)
3 pinch
cheese, pre-shredded
4 Tbsp
refried beans (vegatarian or regular)
1/4 c
pre packaged grilled and chopped chicken (tyson’s)


1Place Frozen Prepackaged grilled chicken on Microwave safe plate (1/4 of a cup). Heat until thawed. Approximately 2min. Depending on your Microwave.
2While heating chicken place, sliced Hoagie rolls in Toaster until browned.
3After Hoagie rolls are browned place on a microwave safe plate.
4Spread 2 Tbs. of Refried beans on each Hoagie roll
5Add Pre heated Grilled chicken, on top of Re-fried beans
6Pinch Pre Shredded Cheese (Your Favorite) on top of Chicken.
7Place Microwave safe plate of "Hoagie Roll delight" in Microwave and heat until cheese has melted. Approximately 60sec. Depending on your Microwave
8Eat indulge and enjoy.

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