Baby Butter Burgers!

Colleen Sowa


This was an award winning recipe!

I make these on the outdoor grill on a griddle or on aluminum foil with holes poked in it, but I sometimes make them indoors in a skillet too.

This is a recipe I made up for my grandchildren... They wanted hamburgers and I was out of buns and breads.... They love little foods, so I created this simple and fun recipe for them!

This was a big hit!

We like making these for parties and pot luck dinners too.

Play With Your Food! xo

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10 Min
5 Min
Pan Fry



1/2 lb
ground beef (85% lean), or pork, turkey, chicken
1/4 tsp
each: salt and pepper (to taste)


sleeve of ritz crackers


4-6 Tbsp
spreadable cheese ( i use kaukauna brand - sharp cheddar or port wine)


4 small
tomatoes (sliced) (can also use cherry tomatoes cut in half)
1 small
onion (sliced thin)
4 large
lettuce leaves torn very small (optional)


1 Tbsp
butter (for cooking)


1Choose what type of burger you want to make....beef, pork, chicken, turkey... (I prefer ground beef).
2Pinch off about 1 teaspoon of ground meat and form into hamburger patty (make it large and thin). Repeat until all are made, putting each one in skillet as you make them. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
3Cook baby burgers on one side before adding the butter to griddle, skillet or tinfoil.

Finish cooking.
4Spread a little cheese on each cracker.

Add some sliced onion to some of the crackers (not everyone will eat onions).
5Slice small tomatoes , or cut cherry tomatoes in half.
6Place cooked baby butter burgers on each cracker.

Top some of the crackers with tomatos (not everyone will eat tomatoes)
7Serve as is... they really don't need condiments... but if you want to you can serve them that way too.
8Lettuce is optional... I usually add lettuce when I am doing these for pot lucks or parties.