awesome eggplant lasagna

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By Zulma Cintrón
from Patillas, PR

This is the way I encourage my kids and family to eat veggies. It is delicious and easy to make.

★★★★★ 1 Review
serves 6
prep time 1 Hr
cook time 1 Hr

Ingredients For awesome eggplant lasagna

  • 4
    eggplant, sliced and peeled
  • 4 Tbsp
    corn oil
  • 2 Tbsp
  • 2 lb
    ground beef
  • 1 lb
    ground ham
  • complete seasoning to your taste
  • 1 can
    tomato sauce
  • 1
    envelope of annatto seasoning (latin corner)
  • 1
    cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1
    spaguetti sauce
  • 3 pkg
    mexican blend shredded cheese
  • 1 pkg
    shredded parmesan cheese o grated

How To Make awesome eggplant lasagna

  • 1
    Prepare your mold by greasing it with non-stick spray or butter.
  • 2
    On a non-stick pan sauteed your eggplant discs in a bit of olive oil and sprinkle some parsley on top. Remove from pan when slightly brown and cooked to tender.
  • 3
    On another large pan sauteed your meats in some garlic and olive oil. Season your meat and incorporate the tomato sauce and the annato. Mix together until fully cooked.
  • 4
    To mount your lasagna simply make a layer of eggplant discs, then add some of the cheese. Spread half of the meat all over your mold.Add some spaguetti sauce and cheese. Cover your cheese with another layer of eggplant. **NOTICE: If at this point you are running out of eggplants; why don't you try a twist on your recipe and add fried bananas (trust me, they're delicious), or slices of potatoes or zucchini (any cooked veggie could work...I dare you to try it)
  • 5
    After that, spread a second layer of meat, your softened cream cheese, spaghetti sauce, shredded cheese topped with our final layer of eggplant, remaining spaghetti sauce as well as the remaining shredded cheese. Finish mounting with the Parmesan cheese.
  • 6
    OK...there you have delicious lasagna. Now you can bake it in the oven right away until your top cheeses melt (not are going to waste some materials!); or you can save it in the freezer until it hardens a bit and section them to easy microwaveable meals during weekdays or lunch at the office...they're gonna envy you so bad!!
  • 7
    This meal is delicious with a side salad, a side Caesars salad or a beef consomme and onion rice. Hope you like it...don't forget to tell me how good it was and how did you and your family enjoyed it. HUGS <3 Z.

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