2-Night Stand Fried Rice

Chris Ann Matteo


This is my version of what some restaurants call "subgum" meaning a mish-mash of a variety of ingredients. The only new thing that is truly required is the sesame oil that makes this taste like it just came -- but better -- from the restaurant. The DARK GREEK LEAFIES are essential for giving it that "just picked it up on the way home, but BETTER" taste. My fifteen-year old daughter likes my 2-Night Stand fried rice better than any restaurant's fried rice -- she's an Aspie and a picky eater!

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6 using 1# of leftover white rice
30 Min
25 Min



1 pt
white or brown rice from asian takeout


3+ tsp
peanut oil
1 pinch
garlic paste from tube
1 or more pkg
leftover asian takeout vegetables or meat: seafood, chicken, poultry, pork or sausage &c. even dumplings and eggrolls
scrambled egg, pre-cooked as a patty
1 pkg
chopped bok choy, or 2 pkgs baby bok choy (chopped means stalks and leaves separated)
1 or more bunch
of any other green vegetables such as chard, spinach &.
1 dash(es)
or more of sesame oil
1 dash(es)
or more rice vinegar or mirin


1 c
any other meat that is boneless
1 c
vegetables such as onion, mushroom, peas, green leafies, carrots, parsnips -- that kind of stuff has got to go!


1Heat oil with garlic at a low or medium-low setting.
2If your leftovers are very cold, heat them to room temperature in the microwave. Then, bring them near the stir-fry for addition when you are ready.
3Add any room-temperature additions to the outside edge of the pan.
4Add extra peanut oil if necessary.
5Put rice in center of fry pan, and add heat to high-medium. You should be able to walk away for a minute without having a fire.
6When rice in center is browned on the bottom, flip it, and add the chopped bok choy and any other tender vegetables on top of the rice. Mix it up just a bit, so the tender greens have a chance to become bright green with the heat.
7Mix all the pan, outer ring and inner ring of rice and greens, together. Add Sesame oil gradually until you smell the deliciousness; add rice vinegar or mirin in 1 tsp increments and serve.

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