Saute'd Puffball mushrooms for Mushroom Swiss Burgers

Stormy Stewart


The giant puffball is a whitish, Styrofoam-like globe as small as a softball or as large as a beach ball, with short, root-like mycelial (fungal) fibers connecting it to the ground.

Thanks to Lady Whiteheart who spotted and knew that they were editable and Chrystyl who allowed us to take them home, I got to try my first puffball mushroom.

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5 Min
15 Min


2 slice
1-4 inch thick puff ball mushroom
hamburger patties grilled as you like them
hamburger buns
2 slice
swiss cheese deli sliced
butter to saute' in


1Saute' the mushroom slices in butter.
They will turn the color of other cooked mushrooms.
They also shrink in size so if you want them thicker cut them thicker.
2load your burger with mushroom and cheese and enjoy
3Added notes
Most puffballs are safe to eat, although rare reactions have been reported. Assuming you have obtained reliable puffballs, you should sitll follow these steps before eating them:

They must be all-white inside. Any shade of yellow or purple makes them inedible or upsetting.
When cut, they must have a uniform internal consistency. The external appearance of immature Amanita species is similar to puffballs. However, the cap and gills of these unexpanded mushrooms become apparent when the egg-shaped fungi are cut in half. The Amanita genus includes the most poisonous species of mushrooms.
Clean them as necessary and dry on paper towels. Some people develop intestinal irritation from the outer covering, so peel this layer with a knife.

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