Very Berry Fruit Smoothie

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By Deneece Gursky
from Miami, FL

This was made for my son to enjoy with dinner tonight, so there is no alcohol in it, however you can turn it into an adult drink by cutting back on the apple juice a bit and substituting some blueberry schnapps, or even some rum. It was fruity and delish!! Two berries marry and make a heavenly drink!



    6 oz frozen blueberries
    6 oz frozen strawberries
    4 oz of vanilla yogurt
    1 t sugar or 1 packet of splenda
    3/4 c apple juice

How To Make

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    Put blueberries and strawberries in blender. Add yogurt and apple juice and pulse till fruits are crushed. Add sugar and pulse till creamy. Pour into a tall glass and Enjoy!
  • 2
    You can add a dollop of whipped cream and a few blueberries for presentation