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For when you feel like the bear in this picture

This is the best fix I or anyone I know have found. It restores your bodys natural state while relieving the simptoms

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hangover from night before


These are the best for repairing the damage done by drinking a little too
much and spending hours in a
smoke-filled room

Step One: Headache
- Take 1-2 feverfew pills (they can be found in any herb or health food
store) depending on your drug tolerance. If
you want, start out with 1 pill and if you still have a headache one hour
later take another.

Step 2: Helps liver and upset stomach
- Fill a tea ball with dried dandelion leaves and set aside
- Bring 2 cups of water to boil
- Turn off heat (if using an electric stove be sure to take the water off
the burner)
- Add tea ball
- Add 1 peppermint tea bag
- Let steep for 3-5 minutes
- Drink both cups

Note: If your throat is sore you may add honey and lemon
Step 3: Helps the body repair damage from cigarette smoke
- Bring one cup of water to boil
- Turn off heat
- Add one bag of Ceylon green tea
Green tea is known to be a mild stimulant as well as a powerful anti-oxidant

Alternate steps 2 and 3 through out the day. Be sure to keep food intake to
a minimum and keep it restricted to fresh fruit until dinner time. This will
allow your body to quickly heal itself. You will begin to feel better from
the first cup of tea.

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