cin's homemade extracts (vanilla, cinnamon and cinnamon-nutmeg)

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I'm also including a Salad I make that I serve along with a pot of hot Peach Tea that has my 'Homemade Cinnamon Extract' in the tea. This one was kind of hard to write, hope it makes sense. Did you happen to notice the 'longanecker' I use as a stopper on one of the bottles, teeheehee

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Ingredients For cin's homemade extracts (vanilla, cinnamon and cinnamon-nutmeg)

  • for vanilla
  • 6
    (6-inch) vanilla beans per tall bottle
  • vodka (amount depends on the size of the bottle you use)
  • for cinnamon
  • 5
    long cinnamon sticks per tall bottle
  • vodka (amount depends on the size of the bottle you use)
  • for cinnamon-nutmeg
  • 3
    whole nutmeg pods with a few broken cinnamon sticks per small bottle
  • vodka (amount depends on the size of the bottle you use)

How To Make cin's homemade extracts (vanilla, cinnamon and cinnamon-nutmeg)

  • 1
    HOMEMADE VANILLA: To make you can use Vodka, Brandy, Rum, or even Tequilla (I used Vodka to make mine). I wonder if Mexican Vanilla has Tequilla, since that's their drink of choice. I used 6 (6-inch) vanilla beans, slit open 3/4 of the way down (just leave a little bit at one end attached together), put into a tall thin glass jar then filled to above beans with the Vodka. Then It has to sit in a dark place for 6 to 8 weeks and be turned up-an-down (back an forth) once a week. After 6 to 8 weeks your Vanilla is ready to use. Here's a tip for you: If it's a bit too bitter for you, then add a little 'simple sugar' syrup to take away the bitter after taste. OR.... you can also use a little rum to do the same......although I do have a recipe for the ''simple syrup'' if you need it. You probably already have one.
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    Heres another tip: You can make a large amount at one time instead of several small bottles if you'd like. Then fill smaller jars with it to use out of. It makes nice gifts as well.....make a lable for your jars like 'From the Kitchen of....'' and put on them to give away. Remember you leave the vanilla beans in the jars so you can make more.......when you've used about 1/2 the liquid in the jar, then add more of the alcohol (Vodka) to fill the bottle back up above the beans. This will turn to vanilla extract quicker than the first making. You don't have to leave it set as long because already has a good start.
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    Making Cinnamon extract is made the same way: You just use long cinnamon sticks instead of vanilla beans. Add Vodka and set out of the light for several weeks until a dark rich color appears. I love using the tall bottles for this, because if you use the small ones, you have to break the cinnamon sticks in half.
  • 4
    Making Cinnamon-Nutmeg extract....again it's made the same way: You can put some of the broken cinnamon sticks in with about 3 nutmeg pods into smallshort jars and do the same as above. I zested a bit off one end of each (or one) pod so to open the pods up a bit (I think the vodka can soak in better).
  • 5
    REMEMBER: To turn the jars back and forth a few times durning the weeks they are setting in a dark place, to keep it mixed.
  • 6
    Bottles: Some of the bottles I use were replicas of the 1899 Coca-Cola bottle. I love the antique look (the one with the tall cinnamon sticks in it is in one...hard to tell because the Cola part doesn't show up in the light). The small bottle is a salt shaker replica of a small Ball jar (with a cap under the lid so it won't shake out). The bottle I used to make the Vanilla Extract in, was just the bottle the 'long vanilla beans' came in (with a lable I made).
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    POT OF PEACH-CINNAMON: Celestial Peach, with 2-T of my ''homemade cinnamon-extract'' added to the pot of hot tea.
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    SALAD: Romaine Lettuce, Ice Berg Lettuce, rough chopped. Red & Green Bell Peppers, diced. Celery, Cauliflower & Broccoli cuts. Red Cabbage, rough chopped. Carrots, sliced long ways. And some dried fruit...Cranberries, Cherries, Bananas, Yougart coated Raisins & Pineapple tid bits. Chives & Onion, diced . With a few raw Peanuts mixed in. Seasonings in Salad: Dill weed, Basil & Garlic Seasoning Blend, Creole Seasoning. Dressing for Salad: White Truffle Oil, EVOO & Raspberry Wine Vinegar. Mix (whisk) together with the seasonings and pour over salad.

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