Beverage Essentials: Whiskey and Hot Cider

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By Andy Anderson !
from Wichita, KS

It is the holidays, and you are gathered around the Christmas tree with friends and family. What do you have in your hand... Why, one of these, of course. They are easy to make, and the addition of the lemon juice, helps meld the whiskey and apple juice into mellow taste. So, you ready… Let’s get into the kitchen.

serves 1
prep time 5 Min
cook time 5 Min
method Stove Top


  •   5 oz
    hot apple cider
  •   1 pinch
  •   1 oz
    good whiskey
  •   1/2 tsp
    lemon juice, freshly squeezed, or to taste
  •   1
    cinnamon stick
  •   1
    lemon slice
    freshly grated nutmeg

How To Make

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    After MANY, MANY, tests (hic, hic), I came to the inalterable conclusion that the proportions of 5 ounces of hot cider to 1 ounce apple cider are perfect for this drink. However, if you want/need a bit more booze… go for it. In addition, freshly grating a bit of nutmeg over the top before serving adds a festive flavor note to the drink.
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    Just in case you were wondering, this is not "hard" cider. Just plain ole' apple cider.
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    As with all parties that involve alcohol, please remember to keep an eye on your guests and do not let them get into a vehicle drunk. I usually collect car keys, and give them out only if they are sober.
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    Gather your Ingredients (mise en place).
  • 6
    Add the apple cider and cinnamon to a saucepan over medium heat. Then, heat up until the liquid begins steaming, but not boiling.
  • 7
    Combine all the ingredients in a mug or heavy glass, add the cinnamon stick, and hang the lemon on the side. Grate a bit of nutmeg over the top (if using), and serve while steaming hot. Enjoy.
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    Keep the faith, and keep cooking.