Long Island Iced Tea

Dee Stillwell


This is my favorite summertime alcoholic beverage. a good way to relax occasionally. It can really sneak up on you. One is all most people can handle. It can really knock you on your tush. A designated driver is required. : D

★★★★★ 2 votes
5 Min


1 oz
of white rum
1 oz
of gin
1 oz
of tequila
1 oz
of vodka
1 oz
of triple sec
3 oz
of sweet & sour mix from a bottle
splash of coca cola for color and to lean it out if you don't want it as strong
sliced lemons for garnish


1Fill tall iced tea glass with crushed ice. Add all alcohol, sweet & sour, and splash of coca cola. Stir well with iced tea spoon. Garnish with sliced lemon. Add straw and enjoy! Be careful, as these will knock you on your tush. Don't plan to drive after you drink this.

About Long Island Iced Tea

Course/Dish: Cocktails