Keri's Kaluha ( a version for the kids too)

Keri Morales


Oh my, this took a while to perfect as I don't drink caffine or do this is for all those who don't do either of those and a bonus: one for the under 21 crowd. Every time I made a batch and decided it wasn't quite right AND if I could still stand, it was back to the drawing board, yummmmm. Hope you enjoy :)
Blessings, Keri

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Many...this will make about 4-5 quart bottles
15 Min
20 Min


12 c
4 c
granulated sugar or splenda "measure for measure"
1 c
instant coffee (or instant decaf)
1/2 bottle
vanilla extract
1 qt
everclear (an alcohol availabe in most states) ommit this for the non-alcholic type


1Combine first four ingredients in a large pot, place on stove and bring to a boil for 20 minutes, stiring frequently.
2Remove from heat and add 4 cups of ice cubes to cool to room temprature. Let cool longer if needed.
3When mix is totally cool, add the "Everclear" (ommitt the Everclear for the non-acholic type). Mix well and using a funnel, pour into bottles and cap. Can be stored up to a year maybe longer. Ours has never lasted that long.
4To make drinks:
Kaluha and cream: (self-explanitory, lol)I like to use "heavy whiiping cream found in the milk section, pour over ice.
White Russian: Kaluha, cream and a shot of vodka over ice.
Black Russian: Same as above but omitt the cream.
Rootbeer float: Kaluha, cream, ice and then add a half can of coke or other soda.
Kids LOVE this mixed (non-alcohol version) with cream and soda also.

About Keri's Kaluha ( a version for the kids too)