Daddy's Crawling on the Floor Margarita Mix

Ashley Ramsey


My father, Jeff Baker, and his friend "Cactus" have worked for years experimenting with various concoctions of margaritas to perfect his margarita recipe. My dad mixed and Cactus happily "tested". People demand it when they see my father and he happily obliges.

This margarita mix is so incredibly smooth that you can wind up crawling on all fours or leaning against a buddy like most of my fathers friends. I actually re-met my husband sipping this mix.

So kick back and enjoy "Daddy's Crawling on The Floor Margarita Mix". Please leave comments and/or stories after enjoying RESPONSIBLY!

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Sky's the Limit
5 Min


1 bottle
jose cuervo margarita mix
1 bottle
100% blue agave anejo tequila (cabo wabo, herradura, corazon, etc.)
1 bottle
cointreau orange liqueur
1 bottle
mellon liqueur
1 can(s)
mountain dew-the carbonated beverage... not moonshine (:


1Mix and pour following ratios of alcohol over ice cubes in a Margarita Glass. For pitchers of "Daddy's Crawling on The Floor Margarita Mix" just increase the ratio of liquids.

*4 parts Jose Cuervo Margarita mix
*1.5 parts 100% blue agave anejo tequila (cabo wabo,herradura,corazon,etc.)
*.5 parts Cointreau orange liqueur
*.5 parts mellon liqueur
*A dash of mountain dew
2NOTE: Some of these bottles can be a bit expensive depending on what state you live in. Try asking people at the liquor store if they can find you alternatives and close substitutions. If you do invest in the bottles my father uses you will not be disappointed!