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Mrs Charles B. Knox says, "Anyone can be a fancy cook, but it takes a good cook to be a plain cook."
This little cookbook written by her is filled with all kinds of early recipes, and remedies for the new bride. In this book she talks about invalid and convalescent tray, molding plain and fancy desserts and salad, successful frozen dishes in mechanical refrigerators.
These are her words in her book 1934.
How to use Knox gelatin:
Juice is often left over from fresh or canned berries. Add Knox gelatin to it in the proportion of 1 envelope of gelatine to 1 pint of liquid.


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  1. Pour cold water in bowl and sprinkle the envelope of gelatine on top of the water, then add hot juice and stir until gelatine is dissolved. A lemon juice and salt if necessary and more sugar to sweeten. Turn into mold that has been rinsed in
    cold water and chill. Use as a dessert or salad, When fruit juices do not jell in making jellies, reheat juice and add gelatine that has been softened in a little cold water in the same proportion as above.
    More helpful hints:
    In a custard recipe calling for several eggs, one or more may be left out if 1/2 Tablespoonful cornstarch is added for each egg omitted.
    When using less than a full envelope of gelatine, you can always put the remainder of the gelatine to good use- for cakes icings, for whipped evaporated milk, for mayonnaise and cooked salad dressing, for frozen dishes. and in various other ways.
    When you wish a rich dark meat color for soup, use caramel, which is sugar browned in a frying pan until a golden brown, and then dissolved in a little water.
    To warm over biscuits, muffins, or rolls, sprinkle lightly with water,place pan containing them in a pan of hot water and put in oven a few minutes.
    Keeping lettuce: After washing it thoroughly, place in a cheesecloth bag and hang up in refrigerator. Use all the outside leaves by shredding them with a sharp knife or cut with scissors, and making them into a pretty nest for a salad.
    Onion juice added after a mixture is cooked gives a much better flavor than if the onion is cooked with the mixture. Extract the juice by grating onion.
    A pinch of baking soda added to any boiled syrup will keep it from crystallizing. A teaspoonful vinegar added to homemade syrup will keep it from candying after it stands.
    A teaspoonful vinegar beaten into boiled frosting when flavoring is added will keep it from being brittle or breaking when cut.
    If syrup goes to sugar, reheat, add a small piece of butter, and it will be useful as a soft sugar.
  2. A few cloves added to vegetable soup will give it a delicious flavor.
    In placing dishes on ice, place a rubber ring from a fruit jar under the dish. Ring will adhere to both ice and dish.
    In boiling corned beef, add a small onion, a pinch of ginger, a few cloves and a bay leaf. This will improve the flavor of the beef.
    After freezing ice cream, empty the cracked ice into a feed sack. When ice has melted, nearly all the salt remains to be used again.
    Are you in the habit of wasting stalks of cauliflower? Save them, and and next day cut them lengthwise into 2 or 3 pieces according to the thickness. Tie in bundles and cook as asparagus; then drain and mask with a white or Hollandaise sauce.
    Save all the liquid from your mustard pickles and add it to salad dressing in place of vinegar and mustard. When making meat sandwiches, this liquid may be mixed with the meat.
    Liquid from pickled or spiced fruits- it may be used for mince pies, sauces, etc.
    Honey may be used to mix with nuts for sandwiches; also used as a filling for tiny baking powder biscuits.
  3. The modern housewife(1934) today considers the plain Knox gelatine a household necessity. It is one of the most easily digested proteins, and being all gelatine(no coloring, flavoring or sugar), a package naturally goes much further and is less expensive then the jelly powder dessert (Jell-O).

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