Dipped Peanut Butter Snowflakes/ Pretzels

Alexa Mogan


I make these every Christmas season in an over abundance, because everyone, (and I do mean everyone), LOVES them. I usually have a 'dipping' party with my auntie and we stay up til the wee hours making all that we can :)
They are great to give away in a Christmas tin to your family and friends and great to have on hand for parties and such. And very simple. This is how much I make so that I have a lot for the holiday, but you can certainly cut it down to a small amount to start out with.

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6 or so pkg
almond bark, chocolate and vanilla
3-4 pkg
snowflake shaped ritz crackers, (available at christmas time)
2-3 pkg
rod pretzels
1 large
container of peanut butter
-assorted christmas sprinkles
-will need quite a bit of wax paper as well


1First thing first. You need to make 'sandwiches' with the Ritz crackers. You need to line a large baking sheet with wax paper and then start with the crackers/ peanut butter. You don't want to put too much peanut butter on the cracker so it overflows, but enough so that you can taste it well. Spread on the peanut butter and 'sandwich' with another cracker on top. Repeat this process until they are all finished.
2Next we need to melt the almond bark. I use one flavor at a time. Melt the entire package in the microwave according to the directions and then dip about half of the crackers in this flavor, (you will need more than one block for half of the crackers, but start out with one). I use a fork to dip them and then just tap the fork along the side of the bowl a few times to get rid of the excess bark, and so you can still see the snowflake shape of the cracker. Set them on wax paper to set/dry and then proceed with the next flavor of almond bark and the rest of the crackers.
3Once they are all done, I take the opposite color almond bark, and stripe the snowflakes with the opposing color, (as shown in the picture above). This just gives it an extra personal touch and I think it makes them look cute :). I've sprinkled some with sprinkles, crushed candy cane, etc., but I stripe most of them.
4Once you're done with the snowflakes, you just need to dip your pretzels. No real instruction there, we all know how to do that :)
I used sprinkles on the pretzels and stripe some of those as well. Happy dipping! :)

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