Creme Wafer Cookies for the Holidays

Marie Baker


A Must Try Recipe!!

I want to say these cookies are so good! Every year I make them and I give some away and the rest we eat..... They are really good!

These cookies were made by my best friends family when we were kids. I could remember them, but I didn't know the recipe or even the name. My friend Joyce remembered one day and we found the recipe and OMG! I make them every year!

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Makes like 250 Cookies as singles, around 125 actual sandwich cookies. You may have an extra one.




2 c
all purpose flour
1/3 c
heavy whipping cream
2 stick
real butter, softened


1/2 stick
real butter
1/2 tsp
vanilla extract
1 1/2 c
confectioners' sugar
2 - 3 Tbsp
milk (to consistancy of buttercream)


1/4 c
sugar, maybe a little more
colored sugar (optional)

How to Make Creme Wafer Cookies for the Holidays


  • 1Place flour, butter and heavy whipping cream in your bowl.
  • 2Mix for a few minutes to make a dough.
  • 3This is how your dough will look.
  • 4Wrap your dough in a log like shape in cling wrap. Refrigerate the dough for 1 - 2 hours or over night.
  • 5Take your dough out and let it rest for a little while, until its pliable and you can roll it out.

    Roll dough out pretty thin, I say the thinner the better! Use a smaller sized pill bottle to cut out your cookies.
  • 6After cutting out the cookies put extra sugar on a saucer and dip each little cookie in to the sugar, both sides.
  • 7Place on un-greased cookie sheet, very close together. These do not rise its okay if the are almost touching.
  • 8Once you have your cookie sheet filled go over each cookie and prick 4 times with a fork, like in the picture. This keeps the cookies from bubbling up and being air filled.
  • 9Bake the cookies for approximately 5 - 8 minutes in a 400 degree oven. You do not want them to be to brown, that is almost burned, but still good.

    Carefully remove the cookies from the pan, they can slightly stick sometimes, but not to bad usually, just depends on the pans. Let them cool and make your icing.
  • 10Put ingredients for icing in to a bowl and mix until the icing is a nice consistency and put it in to a zip lock bag or a piping bag. You can pipe a little bit of icing around the cookie and put another one on it.
  • 11You can take the cookies and roll the edges in colored sugar for holidays.
  • 12Just another picture.

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