Rose Water

Tiffany Bannworth


I love to use rose water in baking, but it is so expensive. Make it fresh at home for much less.

Such a luxurious treat for you and your family!

Jar it and give it as gifts this holiday season.

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5 Min
45 Min


2 qt
rose petals
enough water to cover
bag of ice
large pot with rounded lid
small pyrex bowl


1In a large pot with a lid, place your fresh petals in a pot. Add just enough water to cover.
2Heat to a rolling boil. Lower heat to low and place a Pyrex bowl in the center of pot on top of petals Then, place your pot lid on upside down. That way you create a concave surface to put your ice and a convex surface for the rose water to distill.
3Place a large bag of ice on the lid. This will make a distiller of sorts because the boiling water's steam will hit the lid's cold surface and become liquid again and drip into bowl.
4Peek every so often to make sure your petals aren't dry. You may also need to top of ice every so often.
5After about 40 minutes, you should have rose water in your bowl. Discard pot contents.
6This can be used in baking recipes or even syrups by mixing with honey. Or even rose jam! This can be used as an astringent for face or a perfumed after shower spritzer for body. Even a linen spray for sheets. Enjoy!

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