coconutty razzmatazz explosion

Samantha Jacobs


I once made these for an autistic friends birthday and the first thing out of his mouth was " It's like eating baby angels" now... I'm not sure what that means but he LOVED them and ate 6 by himself =)

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about 18
15 Min
55 Min


1 box
white cake mix, yellow is fine, just not as pretty ( and whatever you need to follow the boxes directions)
1 jar(s)
raspberry preserves
1 can(s)
white frosting
1 pkg
of white coconut,sweetened
1 pkg
cupcake papers


1mix up your batter as instructed and put it aside.
2spread about 1/2 of your coconut out on a pan. throw it under the broiler on low for 3 min (or until coconut is toasted) checking often.
3preheat oven to temp. on box
4stir the toasted coconut into the batter until everything is incorporated.
5put you cupcake papers in your cupcake pan and fill them about 3/4 of the way with your batter.
6bake following the directions on your box.
7take out your cupcakes and LET THEM COOL.
8once your cupcakes have cooled. take a knife and cut a circle in the center of each cupcake.
9take out the little plug piece you have created. SAVE IT!
10fill that hole with raspberry preserves.
11cut off the bottom of your plug and out it back on top of the cupcake ( this step is NOT necessary BUT it makes the cupcake much easier to frost)
12frost with your White frosting
13sprinkle the rest of your coconut on the tops.