Cake Pops

Nicole P.


These are really easy and fun to make :) these were made by my 12yr old!! Delicious :)

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about 40


13x9 baked cake (your choice..i used one chocolate and one spice))
2-3 Tbsp
icing (your choice, i chose chocolate and the other was buttercream)
melted chocolate (your choice, white and milk chocolate was selected)
40 lollipop sticks


1Bake cake according to box, cool and crumble into fine crumbs. Take 2 tbsp (many recipes out there ask for 1/2cup...wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much!!) mix everything together until you get a soft dough like mix. Roll mixture into golf ball sizes, place on parchment paper on cookie sheet. set aside
2melt any kind of chocolate (Baker's squares, Wafers, even chippits do the trick!) on very low heat. Make sure all utensils and pots are water-free (just a small drop of water will harden your chocolate instantly
3Take a lollipop stick (I bought mine at Walmart, Micheal's have some too!)
and dip one end into the melted chocolate and insert it into the cake balls.
4carefully dip them into chocolate as my daughter is doing on this picture i prefer doing it this way to remove excess chocolate and also to prevent any cake balls/crumbs to fall into the pan!
5DO NOT FREEZE (many recipes say to freeze the cake prior in dipping into the not freeze, take my advice on this one!! If you freeze them, the cake will expand once at room temperature and you will be left with cracks on your chocolate coating!
6To dry the cake pops, puncture either an empty clean pizza box or what i used was an empty egg carton (you can barely see it on the picture but if you look closely at the bottom left, you'll see part of it LOL)
(drying time varies on chocolate type!)
decorate before chocolate hardens!