Fresh and Fried On A Stick!

Colleen Sowa


This is my entry to Sherri's contest for this week... ingredients with the letter F... LOL

Fresh Fruits, Fried Foods and all on Full Length Sticks! lol

This is something that my grandchildren have fun assembling for themselves, and sometimes they are really funny, especially the two littlest boys! Paxton (age 2) loves fruit and he loaded his with so much fruit that you couldn't see the stick! Ashton loves it all, and made his with 4 little pancakes!

I always encourage the children to try things and experiment... and to play with their foods!

Please have fun with your foods too!

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1 (can make as many as you wish, can use left overs too, thus no cooking time)
5 Min


1 slice
fried bacon
1 slice
each fresh fruits (we used blood orange and pineapple)
1-2 Tbsp
fried scrambled eggs
1 small
fruit pancakes (we used blueberries)
fried hash browns


chop sticks, skewers or lollypop sticks


1Push a slice of fresh fruit (blood orange) onto stick.

Add a Fruit pancake (we used blueberry)
2Add a strip of fried bacon (attach both ends).

Add one or two chunks of fried scrambled eggs)
3Add Fried Hash Browns.

Add Fresh Fruit (we used pineapple)
4These are fun to make and fun to eat!

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