Homemade Frozen Hashbrowns

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Need a quick breakfast side dish? Make your own delicious frozen hash browns in just a few minutes using leftover potatoes from dinner! We don't usually have ANY left over potatoes; but there are many occasions that we could use a pkg. of hash browns out of the freezer to use anytime as a side or in a casserole.If you can find the time, or perhaps have a spouse or a kid that needs something to do....this is a great idea!

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How many potatoes have you got?
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left over baked russet potatoes
left over boiled russet potatoes


1Let the potatoes cool and then using a food processor or grater,shred the potatoes.
2Plunge the grated potatoes immediately in water while working. Otherwise, they'll start to turn gray/green
3Carefully Rinse the grated potatoes well to help remove some of the starch. A colander will work fine for this step.
4Now, Drain the grated potates thoroughly (we use a salad spinner!) or you can use paper towels or a clean (fuzz free) dish towel to gently press ALL the remaining water out of the potatoes.
5Gently spread the grated potatoes on a cookie sheet. If you like "Formed Hash Browns" mound them up in 3/4 inch thick piles and crease them with a spatula to make it easier to break them apart for cooking. If you'd like you can sprinkle them liberally with seasonings of your choice, salt and pepper, chipotle pepper, a dash of cayenne, etc.
6Freeze, once frozen, remove from tray, place in vacuum seal or ziplock bags and use within 2 months for best flavor.
7You may want to write simple directions for cooking on the bag:

1)Thaw hashbrowns or not, depending on your preference.
2)Heat a Tablespoon of butter or olive oil in a large skillet, Add onions, spices, or whatever optional ingredients you want.
2) Add Hash Browns
3) Cook on one side until golden brown &crisp,
about 6-10 minutes depending
upon thickness, then flip &brown the other side.

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