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oat-barley-chickpea fritters

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Recipe by
Maggie Atherton Leiterman
Jay, FL

This fritter recipe is a Maggie Original. These fritters can be varied with other legumes, grains, nuts, and fruit.

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Ingredients For oat-barley-chickpea fritters

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How To Make oat-barley-chickpea fritters

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    1. 1 pound package each dried chickpeas and dried pearled barley • Soak overnight in water about 3” over the peas and barley to allow for the swelling that will occur when grains absorb the water. Next morning rinse legume-grain mixture, and cook in large pot on medium heat, to gently boil, use enough water to cover about 1” over peas and barley; continue adding water as needed to keep covered with water during cooking. Add olive oil and salt when peas and barley are about 80% done, this should take about 25 minutes. Lower heat to low, finish cooking low and slow… slow… slow… simmer until done, this should take another 20 minutes, and then set aside to cool; the liquid should be nearly absorbed into the grains when cooled.
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    • After legume-grain mixture has cooled, mash using a ricer type masher (the potato masher with the little square holes) and mash until most of the chickpeas are in about 1/8” chunks. Do not use a blender or food processor, set aside. The mashed cooked mixture can be divided into individual 2 cup containers, and frozen to have ready for future meals.
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    Mix dry ingredients together and set aside. In a large bowl combine all other ingredients and mix together until smooth. Now oil the black iron skillet with enough olive oil to leave light coating on surface of skillet bottom, and place on the stove on medium heat. Next add the dry ingredients a little at a time, softly folding into the wet mixture. The batter should not be runny yet not too stiff. *1 You may not have to use all of the flour, humidity and other factors determine how much to add.
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    Now spoon fritter batter into the skillet according to the size fritters that you desire to make. Oil the frying pan at each batch so that there is a light coating of olive oil on pan surface. This size batch will make about 20 fritters that measure about 3” diameter. For variety try any legume and grain combinations of your choice can be substituted for the chickpeas and barley, and you can add some bits of fresh or dried fruit in place of nuts or with nuts.