Bruschetta dalla Campagna

Tiffany Bannworth


Though bruschetta (pronounced properly broo-skehh-tah), has been Americanized, in Italia it can have a variety on different toppings, not seen here.

My favorites are salami, canneli beans, and mozzarella.

Also, sometimes you do not need a topping at all. In the fall, you would have bruschetta with just olive oil to showcase the luxurious taste of the freshly made olive oil from the countryside.

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10 Min
20 Min


sliced mustard and thyme braided bread (see recipe)
jar of squash relish d'italia (see recipe)
cup of ricotta with oregano and white pepper (see recipe)
jar of sesame oil roasted red peppers (see recipe)
olive oil to coat bread
fresh (or dry) parsley, chopped
salt and pepper to taste


2Take olive oil and optionally chopped garlic and pour into a flat bottom bowl. Then dip both sides of your bread in it and place on a cookie sheet.
3Place a spoonful of ricotta and spread neatly.
4Then, spread a little less of the relish.
5Place the diced red peppers atop. Normally drizzle a little olive oil but the peppers were packed in sesame oil and sprinkle parsley and salt/pepper.
6Place in the oven at 450 until bread is completely toasted. Maybe 5 minutes.

Today, I am serving this with Parisienne Onion and Mustard Green Soup.

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