Shrimp Mocktail

Cheryl Ross


Thanks to a non-life-threatening tomato "allergy", I thought I was doomed when it came to eating shrimp cocktail...until just the other day when I was reading the label of Frank's Chili Sauce & discovered that it has no tomatoes in it!

Of course, regular shrimp cocktail sauce uses ketchup, so I was wracking my brain about what else to use in its place. I think this recipe just about does what it needs to...and then some!

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bag of frozen shrimp (i used 14 oz extra large, peeled/deveined)
1/2 c
franks chili sauce
1/2 tsp
prepared horseradish
1 Tbsp
kraft hot'n'spicy mayonnaise
1/4 tsp
crushed red pepper flakes
crushed garlic
1 tsp
lemon juice
sliced lemons & few sprigs of parsley (garnish)


1Arrange chilled shrimp on platter or serving tray, leaving opening for where the sauce will go (keep refrigerated until serving time).
2In small mixing bowl, combine remaining ingredients.
Mix well & taste. (not written in stone; these ingredients can be adjusted to bring heat quotient to your own preference.)
3Spoon sauce into decorative bowl & place on tray in center of shrimp.
4Add lemon slices & parsley to garnish.

Keep everything chilled until ready to serve!

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