Delicious Gravlax w/ Mustard Sauce

Martha Price


Gravlax, a Scandinavian dish, is salmon which is cold-cured with salt, sugar, pepper and dill, with a slightly crispy texture. It is often served in higher-end restaurants and I think it is absolutely delicious!

Easy to make, it just takes some waiting time. Although I haven't actually made it myself the following recipe sounds particularly good.

If you have never tasted gravlax, give it a try, you just may discover a new food addiction!

*I have included the optional recipe for mustard sauce, which also sounds good!

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5 Min


1/2 c
coarse salt
1/2 c
granulated sugar
2 Tbsp
back or white peppercors, cracked coarse
2 - 3 pound centercut of salmon, filleted into two pieces but left unskinned
1 bunch
fresh dill


1/4 c
dijon or dusseldorf mustard
2 Tbsp
red-wine vinegar
1 Tbsp
pinch salt
1/4 c
plain yogurt
1/4 c
minced chopped dill


1In a small bowl, mix the salt, sugar and peppercorns together. Sprinkle about a quarter of the mixture in the bottom of a Pyrex dish and place salmon fillet, skin side up, over the mixture. Cover the fillet with another quarter of the salt mixture and all of the dill.
2Sprinkle the fleshy side of the other fillet with half of the remaining salt mixture, then place, skin side up, on top of the one already in the dish. Sprinkle the top with the rest of the salt mixture.
Cover with waxed paper, then place a plate on top of the waxed paper. Weigh down the plate with cans or a water-filled jar.
3Refrigerate for about 12 hours. Pour off any accumulated liquid and turn the fish over. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 days longer, turning fish over once or twice a day.
4To serve, scrape off the pappercorns and, with a very sharp knife, cut on the bias - as for London Broil - into thin slices. Serve with or on thin-sliced black, rye or pumpernickel bread with or without the following mustard sauce.
5OPTIONAL MUSTARD SAUCE: Blend all sauce ingredients together thoroughly. Chill several hours. Serve with gravlax.

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