Fired Tortilla

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By George Walker
from San Francisco, CA

When I was a kid 11 or 12yrs old I lived in Menlo Park CA. There were a lot of neighbor kids to pal around with. One day a pal invited me into his house when his Mom called him. Mom was cooking on the stove and we gathered around. The kid was excited. On the burner was a round yellow/grainy something about 6" in dia. Mom flipped the thing over and I saw spreckled marks on the outside of it and a design that looked the same as the burner. The kid got one and wolfed it down. Mom made another one and gave it to me. I ate it and wondered what it was. I didn't get this at my house.1953 era.

serves One or many


  • sm
    corn tortillas
  • stick

How To Make

  • 1
    Open end of stick of butter Have ready
  • 2
    turn burner on stove to medium high heat the grill
  • 3
    Take a corn tortilla and put on flaming burner
  • 4
    Turn tortilla after 5-10 seconds, turn again and turn again with a spatula This is heating and marking the tortilla
  • 5
    Heat the tortilla to the way you like and then take it off the heat and put on a plate
  • 6
    Spread butter on tortilla. Fold in half
  • 7
    Eat as is with your favorite breakfast or you can stuff it

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