Sweet Tamale Treats

Pat Duran


This recipe is from Cacique.com/ Chef Arron.
This is an authentic Mexican sweet treat recipe.

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25 servings
20 Min
30 Min


1/2 c
cicique crema mexicana
1/4 c
cicique queso fresco cheese
2 c
prepared masa
1 c
brown sugar, packed
2 tsp
baking powder
1/2 c
chicken broth
1 large
can crushed pineapple, drained, juice reserved
1 lb
raisins any color
1/2 c
lard or solid vegatable shortening
25 large
corn husk leaves, soaked in warm water for 30 minutes


1Masa Mixture:
Place masa in a bowl, add sugar, chicken broth,(JUICE ONLY) from pineapple, and solid shortening. Knead dough by hand until thoroughly mixed and texture is smooth and even.
combine drained pineapple, raisins, Crema Mexicana and cheese in a separate bowl and mix well.
Place part of dough in a corn husk and spread evenly, leaving 1-2 inches of exposed husk at each end and at bottom tapered end. Add 1 spoonful of pineapple/raisin mixture in center of dough and bring sides of corn husk together, folding the dough.
Tuck one side of husk under the other and roll up tamale so dough is completely enclosed inside husk.
Fold bottom tapered end up and place tamale in steamer pot, keeping fold in place.
Repeat for each tamale.
Steam for 30-35 minutes over boiling water. adding hot water as needed to keep steam constant.
Tamales are done when firm to the touch but not hard, and dough comes away easily from husk.
You can spread with masa , fill inside as above. Roll closed, overlapping and tie ends with string and steam standing on end as above.
Crema Mexicana is similar to our sour cream only better.
Queso Fresco is similar to mild feta cheese.

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