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Introducing.... The Best Buttercream Icing Ever!

Buttercream at its Best!

Growing up we had a family friend named Catherine who moonlighted as a special occasion cake decorator. And when I say moonlighted, I mean just that: she would spend many late nights putting the finishing touches on wedding cakes, cupcake towers and custom gingerbread houses. This was all, of course, after her three small children were tucked away in bed. Even then, I knew she was super woman. Forming a perfect buttercream rosette with one hand while signing a school permission slip with the other? Yeah, that's pretty super.

Memories of those early days watching (and eating!) Catherine's work came flooding back when I came across home cook Whitney Froehlich's icing recipe on Just A Pinch entitled "The Absolute Best Buttercream Frosting... Ever!" That title is a bold statement, one that just begged for a taste-test. And thanks to my "training" with Catherine, I felt more than qualified to take on the challenge!

What the Kitchen Crew and I found in Whitney's recipe is a creamy, flavorful, oh-so-buttery icing that is as easy to pipe onto a cake as it is to eat straight from the bowl.

"For years I have searched and searched and searched...and even did some more searching to find a frosting that was identical or almost identical to the frosting you taste from a bakery," says Whitney. "And I finally found one! You have to try it."

The icing isn't only boldly named, it's boldly flavored as well. Incorporating five different flavor extracts - vanilla, butter, almond, orange and lemon - each bite of cake offers a unique taste sensation that takes some time to figure out.

"Is that lemon I taste?"
"No, it's definitely almond icing."
"Nope, I taste orange!"

Guess what, you're all right!

"I was tired of the same ole' 'butter, powdered sugar and vanilla' type frosting," chuckles Whitney in reference to her antidote to everyday icing. "This frosting can actually be a little expensive because it calls for 5 different extracts, but it's so well worth it... especially if you're really wanting that 'wow factor.'"

And "wow" it does. We love piping it on to a freshly cooled classic yellow cake, but we also cannot wait to pair it up with our favorite fluffy lemon cake recipe. And can you imagine how the orange and almond flavors would pop on a dark chocolate cake?! Get creative and give it a try. This unique icing may just become the new classic.... and the best buttercream ever.

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Brenda Johnson - Oct 29, 2013
I would really like to have the recipe for this For Best butter cream Ever Frosting I think it will be wonderful with all those different Flavors in the same batch or frosting Yummy can't wait to try it !!!! bfdmj
trish giordano - Oct 27, 2013
Having owned a pastry shop where we made our own buttercream (sweet butter, heavy cream, pure vanilla, 10x sugar), and were known all over for it, I was surprised to come across this recipe which I will have to try - but the inclusion of crisco is off-putting. That is what everyone hated about other bakeries' frosting! It left a nasty, lingering, coating taste in the mouth.
Rose O'Connell - Aug 14, 2013
Click on the recipe name where it is highlighted in blue. That will take you to the recipe.
Brenda Johnson - Aug 14, 2013
I want the recipe for the Absolute Best Butter cream Frosting ever, I don't see it , Brenda Johnson,
Kristin Sand - Aug 5, 2013
Here is one of the cakes I made using crisco/butter in the frosting and it smoothes out very nicely.

View photo
Serena Geil - Aug 4, 2013
Seriously people, why make such a big deal over a few comments! Everyone is entitled to their opionions and even if they have not tried this recipe they may have experience with the ingredients. I agree "vile" may be a strong word to use, but it is not a curse word and from previous experience I too think adding butter flavoring doesn't sound like a great idea although I am always game to try something once! I remember from chemistry class many years ago making different extracts and banana is one I remember well being awful tasting and to me not banana at all. Buter Crisco is another one that I don't think tastes the least like butter, but who knows...maybe in this recipe! I LOVE my buttercream recipe better than any others I have tasted but am willing to give this one a try! And to those unsubscribing because of a few words, that just plain ridiculous!
Tammy Oswalt - Aug 4, 2013
I agree, don't knock till you try it. If you don't like how it sounds, don't make it. But being rude in a criticism without even trying it first is just that..rude.
Judy Skapik - Aug 1, 2013
Ladies, ladies...can't we all just get along? Sound familiar? I love good recipes so will not let negative comments ruin it for me. I have lived long enough to let the small things slide. The frosting sounds fabulous to me.
Paula Murgo-Shaffer - Aug 1, 2013
Well, I learned the benefits of Crisco through experience myself. I too have Crisco snobs in the family, but once they complimented the icing , I THEN told them it was in the recipe, which nipped that behavior in the bud ! :D
Eudocia Romulus - Aug 1, 2013
Well, I'll keep my eye out for when you can get to them! That's so cool that you made cakes professionally!

Next time I bake a cake for the family, I just might try some Crisco in the frosting and they won't be any the wiser since I know they're all Crisco snobs! LOL
Paula Murgo-Shaffer - Aug 1, 2013
Eudocia, I have recently moved and all of my photos are packed away, so I am afraid it wouldn't be for some time.
Deanna law - Aug 1, 2013
I used the recipe for a wedding cake , I got rave reviews...I highly recomend it....
Eudocia Romulus - Jul 31, 2013
Hi Paula, will you be posting any of your cakes? Would love to see them. The only thing I've used Crisco for are the Hershey's peanut blossom cookies. I read that they don't spread out on the pan as they would with butter. Everyone always loves them!
Kristin Sand - Jul 31, 2013
Just adding cocoa powder should do it. making it chocolate buttercream