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Perk Up Dinnertime with Coffee-Infused Desserts

Cappuccino Caramel Cookies!

On a chilly fall morning it's often the promise of a steamy cup of coffee alone that can pry me from under the warm covers. There's just something so fulfilling about the ritual - and the dark, rich flavor - of a freshly brewed morning cup of joe. Imagine my pleasure, then, to find so many recipes that use this wonder drink as a secret ingredient! I had no idea the power of the bean...until now.

For example, how do you feel about cappuccino in cookie form? Well, we couldn't be more pro-cookie than we are for Didi Dalaba's Cappuccino Caramel ones! "These babies are 'rockin’ good'!!" smiles Didi, ever effervescent. "They are crispy and gooey, then throw in the flavors of the caramel and then the chocolate... oh my goodness good!!" A sweet, soft cookie with a delightful caramel crunch! Who could ask for more?!

Well, ok, I could also ask for a piece of fudge. Deliciously creamy, Irish coffee fudge! Thanks to Heather M. Baker of Grove City, PA I need only go as far as my own kitchen for complete satisfaction. "All my friends love, love, love this fudge," exclaims Heather, who adds instant coffee crystals to her fudge for just the right amount of coffee flavor. "Smooth and silky... I like to make this recipe and give it as gifts because [of the] wonderful flavors." A rich combination of Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur, butterscotch morsels and marshmallow cream, this is one gift that I'll gladly accept any day of the week.

The same could be said of a dessert that Sue Franco has been making for years: Mocha Chocolate Cake. "My entire family and my neighbors look forward to having a piece of cake when I make this," says Sue proudly. "It is one of the most moist cakes that I have ever made. If you like chocolate, you will enjoy this!!" Well, I sure do second that! This melt-in-your-mouth chocolate delight has all the sinful satisfaction you want from a chocolate cake, but with an added depth of flavor thanks to the addition of, you guessed it... coffee! Sue uses both freshly brewed and instant coffee powder to flavor her cake and creamy icing.

All of these wonderful coffee-infused recipes have me perking at a hundred miles an hour. The possibilities are literally endless. I can't wait to dive into the bushels of other great eats that are being shared on justapinch.com. Decaf? No thanks. I have oodles to cook before I sleep!

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Sheila Wilson - Oct 20, 2012
These look so good. They have the look of some cookies I make during the holidays.. love this recipe.
Shirl Ali - Oct 20, 2012
Hi Janet, Thanks for all the good recipes. I also like coffee mousse with choc drizzled on it...it rocks
Laura Darragh - Oct 17, 2012
Hi Janet; I'm hoping you can help me.I'm looking for a recipe that was on the side bar..It was an orange dreamsicle cake and had fresh blueberries on top of it..It also had orange icing..I can't find it anywhere and I've been looking for 2 days and looked at well over 300 recipes..If you can help me I would appreciate it so much..Thank you Laura
sallye bates - Oct 16, 2012
It would be a good thing to have an additional category entitled Tips and Hints or something similar, so we can post lists and suggestions for cooking, and not necessarily a recipe
Lori McLain - Oct 16, 2012
Oh MY...these are on my to do list for tomorrow ! Awesome....
Sherri Williams - Oct 16, 2012
What a wonderful article! Congrats to all. ♥ ya Didi. sw☺
Trudy Willett - Oct 16, 2012
Thanks for reminding me! My Grandmother used to make us coffee jello!
It was Great and made us feel pretty grown up, I'll have to figure out what her recipe was! :)
Cecelia Winer - Oct 16, 2012
We made the"decadent chocolate cake, with coffee, chocolate pudding as the center and chocolate grated over the thick chocolate icing. I don't make it often because it is so labor intense, AH but soooo delicious!
SK H - Oct 16, 2012
Congrats Didi....already pinched this last year!