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Lemons Brighten Your Spring Menu

Laura Davis' Lemon Lovers' Pound Cake

Sure, we may still be in the infant days of Spring, but I just can't help jumping feet-first into the spirit of the season! And nothing says warm weather to me more than the lively, crisp taste of lemon. And I don't mean plain old lemonade either (although, ok, I love "plain old" lemonade too!)

Lemon has become quite a powerhouse in the preparation of both sweets and main dishes. It pops up in some unexpected places and, like salt, is a fantastic flavor enhancer.

Cowden, IL native Danielle Lorton, for example, uses lemon to brighten her Athenian Chicken Rolls. The citrus flavor adds a Mediterranean freshness that is out of this world.

On the sweeter side, Steven Wilson of Chesterfield, VA amps up his Classic Apple Pie recipe by using the juice and rind of an entire lemon. Not only does it add a crispness to the flavor, but the acidity of the lemon helps to maintain the apples' color and texture while baking!

Last, but certainly not least, is lemon cake. Long a favorite in my household, Blue Ribbon winner Laura Davis from Rusk, TX really knocked it out of the ballpark with her Lemon Lovers' Pound Cake. Its lightly sweet glaze plays perfectly with the cake's subtle lemon flavor.

Oh my, is it just me or are you ready for a Spring picnic?! Load up the goodies and slap on your shades. Here comes the sun... and it's never tasted sweeter.

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Sammie Ferrell - Jul 19, 2011
I've got a pot luck at work tomorrow. The meat and the good sides have already been taken so I thought some sort of punch would be a great addition. Any suggestions? I'd be willing to consider an unusual side if it can be enjoyed by all. Something special but not too unusual - don't know how exactly to explain what I'm looking for but any suggestions will be appreciated.
Carol BARONE - May 14, 2010
Hi, I just joined the site 2 minutes ago and the lemon lover's pound cake sounded great. tkink I mighttry it tomorrow. Let you know how I make out :)
Kay Herndon - Apr 17, 2010
I made this cake last week and my husband loved it. I am sure it will be a recipe we will use often. Thank you for sharing.
susan garcia - Apr 9, 2010
Lemon juice is great on vanilla ice cream.
Susan Connor - Apr 9, 2010
Love lemon juice, ummm, fresh lemon pie!
Angela Bates - Apr 8, 2010
I love Lemon Juice in my salad, And in my Water
Valerie S. - Apr 7, 2010
I agree and I love lemon juice in my chicken noodle soup!
S S - Apr 7, 2010
Lemon juice is great in salsa too