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Dazzling Shrimp on the Grill!

"What's a grill to do? So many sausages, so little time!"

If we've said it once we've said it a million times. We wake up plotting menus and in the afternoons you can find us rushing outside to stoke up some fun. We're fired up about grilling, and in addition to our favorite hamburgers and sausages, we’ve been adding some creative new recipes to the mix this year!

Chef Scott Anderson is a man with one serious grill plan. He is a foodie extraordinaire, whipping up all kinds of delicious outdoor eats. His recipe for Grilled Sesame Flank Steak is always a huge hit. "Flank steak is a delicious cut of beef," he says. "[It] is often stuffed or rolled, yet I’m here to tell you that it’s an often-misused piece of beef. Unless properly treated this delicious piece of beef can come out as tough as shoe leather or as crispy as overcooked bacon." Amen, brother Scott! We've been there a time or two ourselves, and were tickled pink to find this foolproof method of perfecting this persnickety cut of meat.

"The biggest tip is to marinate the flank steak overnight to tenderize it and bring out its flavor," explains Scott, who utilizes rich red wine, ginger and sesame oil in his marinade recipe. "It cooks up quick over high heat on the grill but is equally delicious smoked low and slow. This recipe can be used in either case but [I like] grilling to bring out the tenderness of this steak."

Are you thinking something light and beachy is more your speed tonight? Well, let the Mai Tais flow and the ocean breeze blow! Melissa Varady has a shrimp on the grill recipe that is nothing short of dazzling. Shrimp can sometimes be tricky to cook over an open flame, but her recipe has never failed us... not once! "This is a recipe that my husband gave me that he got from some family friends growing up in St.Pete, [Florida]," says Melissa. Her secret? Leave the shells on! "Leaving the shells on the shrimp while grilling makes the shrimp nice and moist," she says. Not to mention the summer-tastic bath of grapefruit juice, garlic and cayenne used she use to marinate the shrimp. There truly is a ray of sunshine in each and every bite.

And speaking of sunny summer eats, have you tasted Jeanette Nelson's Pineapple Paradise Teriyaki Chicken Bites? If you haven't tried these yet, you're in for a delightful treat! Always a hit at her family gatherings, Jeanette loves to whip up batches of these delectable bites. Patties made from ground chicken are infused with Asian-inspired ingredients such as lemongrass, scallions and rice vinegar. "The sweet and spicy combination of flavors have my friends and family begging for the recipe!" smiles Jeanette.

To create the perfect bite, Jeanette recommends simply grilling the seasoned chicken patties over medium high heat, then placing them atop crackers spread with her recipe for homemade Citrus Sriracha Mayo and Snow Pea Slaw! Wowza. And leave it to the cook to describe them best: "A great grilled chicken appetizer that is filled with spicy, saucy, sweet, tangy, and exotic flavors - a combination that will take you on a exotic Pineapple Paradise trip!"

So, is your mouth watering and are your beach bag packed?! Fire up the grill this season and get ready for a fun food adventure. Your new favorite recipes are out there just waiting to be discovered. Grill on!

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