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Celebrating Dad with Ultimate Meat and Potatoes Feast

Bold Tastin' Grilled Steak

Fathers, we salute you! It's that time of year again, time to take a moment and let dad know that you appreciate all he does. And as I figure it, what better way to do dad a solid than by paying homage to that manliest of meal makers.... meat!

For some added perspective, I turned to a young family friend who is hands-down one of the most enthusiastic meat eaters in my life. "Meat is only the greatest product ever to be ingested by man," he said wryly. "It is what manicures, pedicures, and bubble baths are to women. Would you care for extra bacon with your breakfast? Do you want extra ham on your sandwich? Can I get you the 8 oz steak, rather than the 6 oz? The answer to all of these: absolutely."

With that response, I knew I was on the right track... meat is definitely on our menu this Father's Day!

It's an absolute, rock solid fact that you'll always win with Ashley Muller's recipe for Bold Tastin' Grilled Steak. (After all, when in doubt go bold, right?) With a beautifully rich marinade comprised of 9 common herbs and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, this steak packs a big flavor punch with just a smidge of effort. "This was a favorite when I was growing up!" exclaims Ashley. “We rarely got to have meat but when we did, we sure loved the bold flavors this marinade brought out!!"

For the ultimate comforting menu counterpart, toss together Ellen Curry's Cheesy Mashed Potato Bake. This creamy, dreamy casserole brings all the great flavor - and memories - of traditional potato pancakes to a one-pot recipe. Combine mashed potatoes, breadcrumbs and your favorite cheeses, and you're on your way. "I did this instead of making individual potato cakes and frying them," says Ellen, who utilizes leftover mashed potatoes as an easy shortcut. This has fast become a favorite in our house, each satisfying bite perfectly complementing the grilled steak. Simple as simple can be, but oh-so tasty!

What goes well with meat and potatoes? How about dad's favorite cocktail?! "In his younger years, my dad William was a bartender and he created it," explains Sacramento's Kathleen Ralston. She has carried on the tradition of her dad's sweetly refreshing creation. Made from brandy and triple sec, this creamy drink is the perfect punctuation to a warm day. "It never had a name," she says, "but he said it was similar to a side car [so we named it after him.] It's pretty darned good!"

And for dessert it's got to be Linda Isaacs' Guinness Chocolate Cake. Combining the best of beer and chocolate, moms and dads the world over are falling for this uber rich bundt cake. Like so many of our favorite cakes, Linda's utilizes sour cream as its secret weapon. The result is an extra moist slice of love on a plate. A must try!

The happiest of wishes and dishes go out to all you fathers. Now how about that 8-ounce? You deserve it.

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Marie Gennaro - Jun 16, 2012
Sorry again. I typed garlic twice. maybe not a bad thing if you want garlicky green beans. However it was a typo.
Marie Gennaro - Jun 16, 2012
Oops. For Janice Stephen. Men are pretty cool with green beans.
Marie Gennaro - Jun 16, 2012
Green Beans
1 pound green beans (frozen is fine)
2 teaspoons Garlic Pepper Seasoning (from Sam’s)
2 tablespoons dehydrated onion
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 ounce olive oil (or oil)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon granulated or powdered garlic

Cook green beans in frying pan to remove water(especially if frozen)
Sprinkle garlic pepper seasoning as you go
When water is gone, add oil & onion
Stir and fry
Add garlic
Smother, fry, brown a little
Sprinkle with sugar
Stir in butter

I did these for kids at a ministry. They came back for 4-8 servings.
janice stephen - Jun 15, 2012
I just joined last week, I am a truckdriver, with my co-driving hubby and I love the Fathers Day menu, I wont be able to make it until end of July when we are due to go home, but I was wondering,,,where's the veggies,,,I know men don't like them as much as meat and potatoes, but as their wives, we want Healty men...know I am going to fine a delicious veggie to add to this wonderful dinner....thank you for the recipes......
kathy carneal - Jun 14, 2012
Just finished making Uncle Bud's Crock Pot Candy for my 92 year old Dad for Father's Day. This is one of his favorite candy. Even as his "little girl" of 62, I still try to please him by the food he likes to enjoy.

So easy to make, people love this and request this to be made all the time.
Marcia Lesman - Jun 13, 2012
to anyone in the Kitchen crew,Can anyone tell me why I don't have a utensil drawer anymore? It's been gone for several days now, I have tried to notify technical issues and contact but it just takes me to google. I cant get to my groups or anything. Do yo have to pay to have your utensil drawer?
deb henry-caldwell - Jun 13, 2012
MM, to post your own recipe just open your Utensil Drawer. On the bottom left you will see "post a recipe". Click there & share! ;)
m m - Jun 13, 2012
Sorry if I sound nuts. Lots of stress. But as I stated before ...the 1 feral female and her 3 generation kittens ( I keep trying to get her in my carrier / APL here doesn't pick up cats ), I just want to get her and her female grown kitten nuetured, as you read ,it's about to become another stress to me. So one day I just wasn't thinking dinner for humans , but a real quick ,filling warm -to-the bones dinner around December Cleveland Bone -Chill time,. Here'ss what I cam up with..." Warm Piggy Casserole. Now how do I put it in as my recipe. ? Again I apoligize to everyone...stressed.
m m - Jun 13, 2012
can this cake be made as cupcakes, my partner isn't to much into desserts...to much time around me I guess ? I'm looking past his comment to me on Mother's day. I quote " You aren't my mother . " I am the Mother of our only son, Some men; just makes you say.....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But who else would put up with me , and my ( they keep me sane...feral cats and kittens ? ). Oh, I'm sorry I do apoligize everyone...HELLO, from Cleveland, Ohio. Can I put in a recipe on my own...how do I do it ? Hey, check out Dutch and Penny...just absolutely recipes and home remedies, I have tried several Also Stormy's and links off of them. Neropthay feet and hands ( see , but baking is one of my sanity places ), heb help for feral kittens and moms/understanding more people from different walks and thoughts on this Earth. Gee , goesh... I love this site, this club... I finally had a dessert without just fruit in 50 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I digress, my first and only mate will get your Father's Day meal. Thank you very much.
Polly Anna - Jun 12, 2012
This sounds like a great Father's Day menu. I think the Guinness may replace the cocktail at our house, and Dad may get a lo-cal dessert. The chocolate cake can star another time:-)