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Savor the Sweetness of Giving This Holiday Season

Festive Oreo Ball Truffles

Whether you're cooking for one or for a house full of hungry folks, this time of year is perfect for yummy indulgences. A cookie exchange can be a great way to bake a little and taste a lot, but have you ever taken part in a Candy Swap? Me either! Well, not until recently, that is. Organized just like a classic cookie exchange, a Candy Swap encourages even the non-bakers in your circle of friends to get in on the act. Candy comes in every shape and flavor - literally - and runs the gamut from complicated to kid-friendly.

Shannon Smith of Franklin, TN combines the best of both worlds by turning yummy cookies into scrumptious bite-size Oreo Balls candy.

"I call theses truffles in disguise," she says. "Easy to make and yummy in your tummy as my kids say. Once you dip them in the white chocolate you can customize them with any holiday sprinkles to fit your occasion."

A dusting of red and green sugar, and these bit-size beauties become fit for any Christmas celebration. I guarantee you it's impossible to eat just one... so make plenty!

Another traditional candy that's ideal for swapping is Ann Simmons' Potato Candy. Her sweet recipe has been handed down through the generations and has stood the test of time as a budget-friendly holiday favorite.

"My mother-in-law makes this candy every Christmas. She came from a large family and this was a cheap treat for them as children," explains Ann. "It is very rich so one piece goes a long way."

Not only does the richness of this recipe make it stretch, but it is also easily scalable to suit any size crowd and you likely already have the ingredients on hand! Make a big batch, roll it up just as you would a jellyroll, then you choose how large each candy slice should be. It's a lovely presentation that belies the effortless prep!

Ok, are you wondering when I'm going to get to the chocolate? Well, fret not! In fact, the hardest part of my Candy Swap was figuring out which decadent chocolate recipes to include. So many wonderful Blue Ribbon recipes, so little time!

Vicky Hunt's Peanut Butter Truffles are perfectly sweet bites that can easily be packaged for sharing. Imagine receiving a box of homemade chocolates as a gift... What's not to love?

And speaking of love, I can't leave you without declaring my passion for Jewel Hall's Old Fashioned Cocoa Fudge. Not only does this recipe satisfy my sweet tooth, but it pulls at my chocolate-loving heartstrings too.

"As a teenager I spent many nights with my Cousin Jeanette," says Jewel. "Her parents in bed, we'd come slipping in around 10 P.M. afraid to move for fear we'd wake them. However, Jeanette's craving for (from scratch) fudge was too strong. The little cook stove was a three burner. We got the ingredients together with a heavy pan and quietly got the fudge cooking. As soon as it was done (and it took FOREVER!!) we'd snatch it up and head to her bed with it. Her parents always awakened [from the noise of us cooking] and kind of scolded us for being out late, but it was worth it... I guess the fudge warmed us up before we hopped in bed between the cold sheets. [Now] this is a GOOD MEMORY RECIPE."

Ah yes, it's amazing how food finds a place in so many of the sweet moments in life. Whatever you do, don't forget to savor each bite.

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Jane Whittaker - Dec 14, 2010
Thanks Freda, they fixed the problem after a few days, am now receiving messages like before.
But I see where to click now, am a newbie.
FREDA GABLE - Dec 13, 2010
Jane, at the bottom of your page there is a "CONTACT US" button, send message there. Hope this helps.
Missy Parent - Dec 13, 2010
my husband loved these, really good and easy
Tammy Dieringer - Dec 12, 2010
Oh my, the Oreo Balls are delicious. My daughter and i tried them last night and they will be a favorite to add to our Christmas Goodie list. Thank You!
Jane Whittaker - Dec 12, 2010
Janet I don't know who to contact but there has been nothing posting in my utilsel drawer
Kimberly Griffith - Dec 8, 2010
My friend makes the oreo balls and I fell in love with the first bite just over a year ago.
Laura Plaxco Ashby - Dec 8, 2010
I ate a sample of a cookie from William Sonoma that made me drop to my knees! It was similar to these, but were more flat like a normal cookie. No cream cheese... Just a delicious chocolate cookie inside, covered in white peppermint flavored chocolate.

When bitten into, you got that snap of the white chocolate. The chocolate cookie inside was similar to the Oreo we all know, but without the cream filling. The chocolate cookie was more chocolatey than the Oreo. But ACK! At about $40 for a tin of 20, I thought I'd give it a try.

Just thought I'd put in my two cents for those whom don't want to add cream cheese.
Elin Criswell - Dec 8, 2010
I became acquainted with the Oreo Christmas Balls recipe from a friend who posted this on Facebook (so she also introduced me to Just A Pinch). We made this the other night and I'm telling you... this recipe is a keeper!
FREDA GABLE - Dec 7, 2010
Congrats to each of our Contributers for some really fine recipes and stories to go with them.
Marie Holfeltz - Dec 7, 2010
I just made these cookie truffles last night...well, actually I just dipped them last night. Also made Brandy Snaps.
Diane Eldridge - Dec 7, 2010
happiest of holiday time to all...............