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Eating Your Veggies Never Tasted So Good!

Balsamic Chicken Garden Medley

With warm weather beginning to wane - at least in theory - it becomes all the more enjoyable to savor those brave veggies still popping up in the garden. Mama always said to eat your veggies and now, thanks to some terrific recipes, you won't have to be asked twice.

Having just had the first cool evening of the season, the Kitchen Crew and I decided to whip up Lisa Crum's Balsamic Chicken Garden Medley. This dish is such a wonderful melding of hearty pasta and light, fresh flavors.

"My husband and I created this a few years ago after developing a love affair with balsamic vinegar and olive oil," says the Delbarton, WV cook. "Just about everyone who's ever tried it says it's one of the tastiest chicken dishes they've ever eaten. We've gotten several requests to do it for a crowd over the past few years (It's more fun to make a big batch and invite your friends...that's why the recipe feeds so many.) We've never been able to make a small batch yet, and it never goes to waste because our guests make off with the leftovers!"

We had the exact same experience! This recipe - packed with marinaded chicken and fresh vegetables - looks absolutely stunning served on a big platter... preferably on a beautiful patio! Lisa's recipe is super-sized for a crowd and the use of filling pasta and homegrown veggies is a really great way to stretch a dollar. (One of the gals in the Kitchen Crew even suggested pureeing some of your veggies and blending them into Lisa's marinara recipe. It adds to the dish's heartiness, and is a great way to sneak more veggies onto your kids' plates!)

Monica Hossa of Munster, IN was also in a creative and thrifty mood when she came up with her veggie-loving recipe for Sausage Onion Pepper Fajita Sandwiches! "Mixing smoked sausage with a fajita recipe ended up being a great last-minute dinner idea," she says. "The flavor was really intense. The dish was all gone before I [even] had a chance to take a pic."

Well, we've got that covered, Monica! We were snapping away as folks snapped up these delicious sandwiches. We love how simple the ingredients are. The recipe allows for plenty of flexibility for you to add whichever vegetables you love best... and happen to have on hand.

Feeling less crafty and more saucy? Joan Hunt of Youngsville, NC has your answer: Honey Glazed Vegetables. Have your veggies and sweetness too! "This sweet [honey] glaze is a nice if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to eat healthy!"

Joan's technique is super easy. Simply cook your favorite vegetable in a mixture of margarine, water and honey to the point where a glaze forms. When done, the glazed vegetables are delicious served atop brown rice or as an unexpected "pop" in your favorite sandwich.

With delicious recipes like these there's no reason to settle for boring and bland. With a dash of seasoning and just a pinch of creativity, your vegetables can go from dull to divine... just be sure to make enough for seconds!

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sherry monfils - Sep 19, 2011
I just love roasted beets in the fall, ( or anytime, for that matter!) I roast them, slice them, add a little butter and some pinches of different seasoning and that's all.
Karen White - Sep 19, 2011
Tip: We are full timing in our motorhome and I use my dutch oven on the grill for cooking. I have also baked in it using the grill. Foods have a much better flavor and I am not using up all of our propane.
francine bryson - Sep 15, 2011
i just wanted to let ya'll now the grandma's recipes thing is the best idea yet !!! we all know that nobody cooks as good as grandma and there recipes include all the love for family that sometimes get lost in todays busy world . thank you for this tab i'm loving it with a few tears of memories of me and my nana & granny in the kitchen ! again thakn you so much
Annakate Tefft - Sep 15, 2011
Looks so yummy! I love the emphasis on flavorful veggies. I try to go meatless on Mondays and this would be a great way to do that, just subtract the chx.
Floy Smith - Sep 14, 2011
My husband and I love our veggies....can`t wait to try this recipe.
Bea L. - Sep 14, 2011
Florence, point your mouse on the wording "balsamic chicken garden medly" and click. That should take you right to the recipe. If that doesn't work for you, type the recipe name in the "search recipes and group" box and click on power search.
florence callahan - Sep 14, 2011
Hi this is Florencecallahan, I'm new to this and have been looking for this balsmic chicken garden medly and i'm having trouble finding it It sounds so so so so good. Can any one help me out . Thank you.
NIKKI SMITH - Sep 13, 2011
Congrats Ladies, Those recipe sound and look so good. Can't wait to try..Thanks for sharing..:)
Monica H - Sep 13, 2011
Thanks, Bea! Yeah; this was definitely a surprise... I really like the focus on eating vegetables. There are some great recipes I've seen on JAP where you can incorporate veggies in tasty ways, or in "secret" ways so those veggie - weary eaters at your table won't even know they are there, lol!
Bea L. - Sep 13, 2011
WooHoo, Monica and Joan! How nice of Janet to mention you in her notebook. Way to go, girls!!!!!!!