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Soup is Thicker Than Water

Shannon Smith's Chicken Noodle Soup

Wintry weather is made for soup. Each year when that first frost settles around our house, you can bet I’ll be standing at the ready with soup pot in hand!

One thing I’ve found – thanks to your great recipes – is that there are a seemingly endless number of creative variations to classic soups! One tip that has proven quite handy involves how to thin a thicker-than-desired soup. Instead of adding water – which can obviously water down the taste – try using another liquid. I’ve had great success using vegetable juice in my favorite vegetable soup recipe. I’ve also thought about trying tomato juice in tomato-based soups… Has anyone tried that with good results? Any other suggestions?

By the way, we’re receiving some terrific entries in our Savory Soup Spectacular contest! Be sure to submit your favorite soup recipe for consideration... The more delicious soups the merrier, as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and one lucky member will win a trip to Nashville!! Take a look.

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Frankie Jeffery - Dec 26, 2009
Happy Holidays, Judy.
I know your mom and she's a wonderful cook. This is a great tip and one I'll definitely try. While canned soups are good, they just can't compare to the fresh homemade taste of Mom's soups.
Judy Hale - Dec 16, 2009
My mom used to save the water she cooked her veggies in and freeze them in ice cube trays. She'd then empty the trays into baggies and label them for easy storing. Then when it came time for a vegetable-based soup, she would use the vegetable juice ice cubes instead of water. Her soups are always the best!