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Flour Power in 2010!

Find the Right Flour for the Job

When I was a kid, we had a small glass canister that sat on the kitchen counter. On it was printed, "FLOUR". We never questioned the type of flour we used... In fact, back then I had no idea there was anything but all-purpose. (With a name like that, why would I need anything else?!)

As I've gotten older, though, I have learned that there is most certainly a time and place for other types of flour power. Many of your recipes, in fact, have sent me running for some specific kinds:

SELF-RISING FLOUR - Baking powder and salt have already been mixed in, so be careful how you use it.

BREAD FLOUR - This has a high gluten content making it common in breads and pizza dough.

CAKE FLOUR - Just like the name implies, a flour perfect for making cakes! It's meant to help prevent cakes from falling.

In addition to these classics, I've noticed that more and more recipes are beginning to call for specialty flours such as whole wheat, rice and potato flours! I look forward to giving them a try. Leave me a comment and let me know where you think I should start!

(And if all of this seems a bit overwhelming, there is always the Monster Cookie! This flour-less cookie from member Heather Stepniewski is as tasty as can be... gluten-free and all.)

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Heidi Calder - Jan 19, 2010
It works! I haven't done it for years, but way back when I baked for a family member who could not eat flour. I hand-milled rice and used it ounce for ounce as a substitute for flour in almost all my cookie recipes for him. It made the cookies a bit "heavier" than flour, but that was probably because hand-milling it netting a very coarse grind.
Bobbi Jo Woods - Jan 11, 2010
Wow! Thanks so much to you guys for adding adding a Blue Ribbon to my Homemade Slow Cooker Beef Stew recipe!

I'm glad people are liking it enough to consider it a Blue Ribbon recipe :)

I haven't made this recipe in a while, so I REALLY appreciate the inclusion of a photo from the Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew! One of these days I will make it again and be sure to add my own photo.

Thanks again, and happy cookin'!

-Bobbi Jo ♥
kt hart - Jan 10, 2010
I haven't baked a cake in ages and decided to make one for Christmas. I used the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Special Dark cocoa container. It calls for all-purpose flour so I used what I thought was the same thing ... King Arthur's White Whole Wheat. The cake came out of the oven full of volume but quickly fell. I still used it ... made the Peanut Butter frosting and everyone raved, including about the dense chocolate cake.
I decided to make German Chocolate for a meeting tonight so thought I'd try replacing half the flour with cake flour. I made it last night and it came out fabulous. True, it didn't have as much of a dome in the center but that worked out great for stacking the 2 layers. I made the pecan-cocount frosting using a Fanny Farmer recipe and both my husband and his friend loved it. I take it to the meeting this afternoon and am pretty sure it will be a hit, even thought this is the first time I've made it.

Moral: even when your flour doesn't produce what you expect, don't throw it away! And if you do it right, you can use more wholesome ingredients and nobody will know the difference. [Not only was that first cake made with whole wheat flour, I used reduced fat cream cheese, 'light' cool whip, and reduced fat peanut butter.]
Brenda Lyons - Jan 9, 2010
I too am new to the site, and am also in the exploring stage! So far, EVERYTHING I have seen thus far is GREAT!!! I really like the layout of the site and the ease of which to use it.
My husband and I make homemade dinner rolls and pepperoni rolls. I have only been married for 2 yrs and the recipe is my husbands. He actually taught me how to make them, I never could make any yeast bread. The recipe that we use is "top secret", my husband does NOT allow me to share this recipe with anyone!!! lol So, therefore, we get to make all the rolls for all family, both sides, gatherings. We also sell our rolls and pepperoni rolls. So I am excited about maybe trying other cook's recipes for bread. I would like to apologize for not being able to share this recipe with you.
I am also very excited about trying all the tools associated with this site. I have joined many, many recipe sites and so far this is the best one that I have come across. I would like to Thank everyone for sharing their treasured recipes with me.
Laurie Olmsted - Jan 8, 2010
I just received a box in the mail from my friend in Nashville and she gave me some white cornmeal/buttermilk White Lilly and their self-rising flour. I am soooo excited!! I can not get their products up in Maine. I use a lot of AP flour here and add my own baking powder, etc. I lived in Nashville years ago when I went to college at Belmont University there. I love your website. I stumbled upon it and joined and then noticed you are in Franklin, TN. It is great to be able to see some southern recipes:) THANKS!
Eileen Riley - Jan 7, 2010
Your website is very interesting, full of helpful hints, recipes etc.
They all sound wonderful and I printed the "Asparagus Strudel" one to try first. As for the flour, try the all purpose one and add baking powder and see if you can make bisquits taste like "your" Grandma's.
Suzanne Mann - Jan 7, 2010
When I make bread the recipes usually call for bread flour and whole wheat. As a southerner I woud not dream of cooking anything involving flour without my "White Lilly Flour"
Trisa Liles - Jan 7, 2010
Maven I have a friend who has done this. She says it works, although I can't attest to it personally
Maven Argyle - Jan 6, 2010
I second Kimberly's thoughts - great site!!

Also, I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of grinding up dry rice in a food processor to create your own flour? Does that really work? If so, how do you use it?

Just wondering...
Kimberly Bacon - Jan 5, 2010
This is not on the topic of flour...but excitement about this website...OMG!!! I am really in the exploring stage and have been looking at and saving recipes ...I thought I'd try the menu tool...then did a print out...the shopping list is beyond awesome....I love it...I love the entire website...but especially the menu tool.