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A Favorite for Fall, Comforting Chili

Roxanne's Chili

The temperature might be cooling down outside, but things are heating up in the kitchen. Besides apple picking and our favorite pumpkin latte, the cooler temperature also kicks off chili season!

As well as being tasty, chili is very versatile. By adding different beans, spices and meats you can create a chili recipe that will please every palate.

"This chili can me made very mild to super hot," explains Roxanne Andersen-Bridges of her Roxanne's Chili recipe. My taste buds like hot and spicy and Roxanne's recipe definitely fit the bill.

Roxanne uses ground chuck as her base, then piles on the flavors. Onions, bell pepper, fire roasted tomatoes, garlic are a few ingredients that pump up the flavor. This recipe makes a lot of chili, so plan on leftovers. It'll taste just as good the next day. But, would also be good on nachos, hot dogs, with cream cheese and cheese for a dip... so many options!

Dan Rinaldi was very creative with his meats when he developed his Fabulous Firehouse Chili. Dan combines six types of meat - pork chops, short ribs, tri-tip, ground beef, ground veal and ground pork - to create one hearty chili.

"This is great topped with mild cheddar cheese and served with cornbread on the side," says Dan. I might add a dollop of sour cream next time too. The spices compliment each other perfectly and add just the right amount of heat.

The addition of lime juice and honey sweetens the flavor of Kim Crain's Kimmy's Zesty Chili. She punches up the flavor a bit with her choice of meats in the recipe.

Kim combines ground beef and Italian sausage which adds to the overall flavor and texture. "It's meaty and nicely spiced with just the right amount of beans," mentions Kim. For those who like a bit less heat, this chili recipe is for you. It's mild but still super tasty.

"Chili is an intensely personal dish," explains Geoffry LeCher. "what may be the world's best for you may not be for others. Having said that, this 3-Bean and Steak Chili is my best chili."

Geoffry hit it out of the park with his recipe. The flavors and textures of this chili are amazing. The steak adds a richness that is delish. There are a lot of spices in this recipe and they're paired perfectly.

I love the mix of cumin and tomatillos in Dianne Hocut's Salsa Verde Mexican Pork Chili. "I make this excellent Mexican pork chili when I want something a bit different," shares Dianne. This is definitely not your ordinary chili. It has all the wonderful flavors of Mexican cuisine without the heat. It's so good!

"Years ago I can still remember having my first bowl of White Chicken Chili and I fell in love," reminisces Kim Biegacki. "Over time and getting myself into the kitchen to cook I worked on my own recipe." One bite of Kim's White Chicken Chili I fell in love too.

Kim starts with a store-bought rotisserie chicken which saves a ton of time. Also, she adds cream to her recipe which gives it a texture, unlike other chili recipes. This is a definite keeper.

Chili is a huge crowd-pleasing meal. It's great for a tailgate, easy for entertaining or will warm the family on a cool night. Hopefully, you'll try one of these tasty chili recipes. Or, head into the kitchen and get creative. Mix different meats and flavors to create one magnificent meal.

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Carol White - Oct 18, 2015
Quick and easy 3 bean chili Fall Nights - 3 Bean Chili

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sallye bates - Oct 15, 2015
A must have at our house to go with chili.


sallye bates - Oct 15, 2015
So many wonderful chili recipes, so little time to try them all. LOL