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I Bet You Didn't Know You Could Use a Water Bottle for This... 7 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

Who isn't looking to save a few minutes in the kitchen? I know I'm always on the hunt for shortcuts. I came across these great time-saving tips and wanted to share them. Let us know your favorite tip!

1. How to Separate Eggs with a Water Bottle

2. How to Peel and Slice Garlic

3. How to Slice Onions

4. How to Dice a Tomato

5. How to Peel Fresh Ginger With a Spoon

6. A Mess-Free Way to Cut Corn Off the Cob

7. How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs with a Spoon

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Kitchen Crew - Nov 12, 2015
Kristi, Welcome to Just a Pinch! If you click on the video in Step 1 you'll see the use for a water bottle. If you're having an issue with the video or the recipes, it's best to email help@justapinch.com.

Kitchen Crew
Kristi Townley - Nov 12, 2015
Hi. I don't see the tricks for the water bottle on here and none of the recipes load fully for directions. What gives?
Brigitte Wilburn - Apr 14, 2015
thank you for all those delicious recipes, yours truly Brigitte.
Mary Jane Fisher - Mar 29, 2015
Great Ideas- as a cook (home) for the last 44 years , I love all the time saving tips I can get- some great ones on here-so simple yet so easy. Thank you so much!
Nor A.M - Mar 28, 2015
This is the first time I ever saw to peel ginger with a spoon.
Michelle Rice - Mar 28, 2015
Tried it with the bundt pan! I think it was Paula Deen's idea.Still messy, and the corn splattered everywhere, and the juice down my hand.
My solution...frozen corn!
Mary Haynes - Mar 22, 2015
I have seen some of these before. Thanks for the reminders and the new ones too. I have a tip, instead of using two bowls to do the corn, use a bunit pan. Put the top part of the corn in the center hole, it will help keep the cob steady, then cut away the corn. It will fall down into the pan. Super easy.
Straws Kitchen - Mar 21, 2015
I'm with Michelle........saw these a long time ago.
Nor A.M - Mar 20, 2015
I love those tips!
Leila Rockwell - Mar 20, 2015
I enjoyed looking at the tips you have shared and learned a few new lessons. Thank you for sharing.
Michelle Rice - Mar 19, 2015
Yes, I did! Saw this on tv years ago. Then was recently on fb!
Bobby (*_*) - Mar 19, 2015
Thanks for the tips Janet!!!
Kim Biegacki - Mar 18, 2015
Great tips! Thanks for sharing with us.