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An Abundance of Zucchini... Recipes!

Fun Recipes Pep Up Garden Zucchini

It never fails; this time each year the Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew and I begin getting e-mails from green-thumbed folks around the country asking for ideas about what they can do with the abundance of zucchini sprouting from the garden. Jump up and down for joy, I say! Zucchini and its little cousin the yellow squash have got to be two of the most versatile veggies ever to find their way into my kitchen. Their mild flavors make them the perfect choice for sneaking some healthy eating into your kids' diet, and they fit in seamlessly with almost any seasoning.

Lynn Zak of Pittsburgh, PA treats her zucchini right by wrapping them up in neat little Italian Chicken Packages. These delightful individual servings of chicken and zucchini are tucked into sparkling foil pouches along with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. It's a terrific technique for infusing flavor while keeping the mess to a minimum.

Another favorite trick for dealing with zucchini overload comes from Grand Rapids, MI cook Pam Stewart. She takes shredded zucchini and cooks it down with garlic and olive oil until it turns into the most delectable, savory Zucchini Marmalade! Fancy a little butter instead? Pat also suggests using butter in place of the oil for a creamy, spreadable treat perfect for slathering on hot, crusty bread. (Try it with onions, too... So good!)

So have faith, zucchini growers! For every orange squash blossom that sprouts in the garden there is an equal number of creative recipes just waiting to be tasted. What a wonderful time of the year to be a cook!

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Heidi Hoerman - Aug 15, 2010
I posted my mom's never fail zucchini bread recipe. It's very moist and it ships well. Mom's Zucchini Bread
Nancy Faust - Aug 14, 2010
we do freeze whole cob corn by just shucking and sticking in ziploc bags. do not wet corn before freezing. we use it all winter without problem.
Michelle Luxton - Aug 14, 2010
Can you freeze corn, whole on the cob? How do you do it?