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Great Stocking Stuffer Gift

Hi everyone, Janet here!

Did you know you can create polls and quizzes in groups? And you don't need to be the group owner to do it? I wasn't sure that everyone knew, so I wanted to make sure I pointed it out. See an example here and vote on your favorite feature.
All you have to do is click on the little arrow on the Start A New Discussion button in any group that you've joined, then choose Create a Quiz or Create a Poll. Type your questions/answers into the Quiz Builder, hit save and you're done. Super simple! I'm sure you'll come up with some fun quizzes and polls.
Looking for some last minute gift ideas? This year, I've been handing out homemade cookies and candies. Their packaged in cellophane bags, with a pretty bow and the recipe. I've printed recipe cards from Just A Pinch - and it's really easy. Everyone has been thankful to have the recipe... it seems to be a big hit!
Also, don't forget we're giving away free gift codes! You can get a free gift code for an introductory 3 month Premium Perks Membership if you upgrade to Premium Perks. Already a Premium Perks member? No problem... existing members get free codes too!
Gift memberships make a great (and easy!) stocking stuffer. One, three and five year gift Premium Perks Memberships are available and they're a pretty sweet deal. A three year membership is less than the price of a two year (only $28).
There are many Premium Perks benefits that you can read about, but one I love is the ability to download unlimited cookbooks to my computer, Kindle or iPad. So convenient and easy!
And don't forget to congratulate the Just A Pinch members that cooked their hearts out at the World Food Championships this year. I recapped my time there and shared some fun photos. Make sure to check out the World Food Championship page and take a look at the gallery.
I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know about the new things going on at Just a Pinch and to wish everyone a healthy holiday!

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Cassie * - Dec 21, 2014
Merry Christmas, Janet & kitchen crew. Good wishes for a new year of happiness & prosperity.
Lisa Myrick - Dec 21, 2014
Janet...wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a new year filled with peace, hope, prosperity, and an over abunuance of love.
Teresa G - Dec 19, 2014
May you have a blessed Christmas, Janet.
Maria Sarris - Dec 19, 2014
Wonderful tips. Looking forward to becoming a Premium member soon. Wishing all Just A Pinch kitchen crew, members & their families a wonderful Holiday Season & a New Year filled with Health, Happiness & Wonderful time among family & friends!