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Addictive Snacks Make the Most of Between Meal Munching

Patty Clare's Delicious Spicy Crackers

Limiting yourself to three meals a day is so last year. I'm all for a well-rounded diet, but I'm an even bigger fan of full tummies and yummy snacks!

Members have been posting - and munching on - a ton of terrific snackable recipes lately. So many snacks, in fact, that we've given them their very own recipe category! It’s now easier than ever to find the perfect finger food to satisfy those between-meal cravings. Browse through all our new categories for tempting new treats.

One of my favorite eat-by-the-handful treats is Verlene Feijo's Caramel Coated Walnuts. This Dover, TN cook has got salty and sweet down to a science.

"Everyone asks for the recipe" says Verlene. "[It's a] great appetizer or to have on hand for treats or snacks."

I have also come to love these flavor-packed nuts sprinkled throughout a simple spinach salad. They really bring out the sweetness of the spinach and add an irresistible crunch. Years ago I tried to caramelize nuts for the first time and ended up with a bitter, burnt mess. Don't let the same thing happen to you, fellow cooks! Verlene's stellar technique is here to add oodles of flavor to your everyday munching.

Orlando, Florida's Kimi Gaines has a slightly less traditional take on snack time. Her irreverently titled "White Trash" is a mixture of cereal, pretzels and candies... all nestled in a coating of white chocolate!

"My sister received this in a Christmas gift basket last year, and Mom and I ate the whole bag," admits Kimi. "I sell it at our church youth group bake sales. It's a hit every time."

Super colorful and super sweet, this is a great recipe to have the kids get involved in. The colorful candies and cereal make for a cheerful presentation that looks just as good as it tastes.

And as if these two snack weren't addictive enough, let me introduce you to Patty Clare's Spicy Crackers. Patty says she whips up a batch once a week... and we can see why! I've never seen a snack bowl empty out so fast.

"These are soooo easy and soooo good," says Patty. "I get requests for them all the time. They go really good with chicken salad, spinach dip, or just by themselves."

However you decide to enjoy them, just make sure you have enough! The simple ingredients of soda crackers, ranch seasoning and crushed red pepper make this an ideal late night snack or quick after-school treat. Adjust the amount of red pepper to your liking and wage your very own snack attack!

So many great snack recipes, so little time between meals... Make the most of each bite and find some new favorites.

Got a favorite snack of your own? Let us know! Post your recipe today. :)

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Georgane Vann - Nov 18, 2011
T V Tidbits#

These are so addictive.
Bonnie ^O^ - Apr 11, 2011
I am going to continue my ritual of snacking on carrot and celery sticks. I doubt if it will make me older, but it will make me skinnier! Oh, by the way, pass me those Spicy Crackers Janet is raving about! Donna has some great snack crackers, too: Fire Crackers
LeAnna Lyons - Apr 11, 2011
@ Charlotte...with your attitude, why are you here?

I agree with Kim...

I grant you up to a point that "life shouldn't be about eating..." but extremes of any kind are not a wise thing. Kim makes some really good valid points about good, moderate snacking.

Snacking isn't necessarily about over eating. The two terms aren't necessarily interchangable.

Sure if one's "snack" is a salad bowl of chips and nothing else...yes, THAT would tax the system...but if a snack is around 100 to 150 calories, as long as all other meals are within limits, that would not tax the system...
Peggi Anne Tebben - Apr 11, 2011
Sandra, you are right! It should be your decision & yours alone!
Sandra English - Apr 11, 2011
Just a note: We eat to live or live to eat! That's life! How we do it is our own decision unless we ask for someone's help. We know if we need to lose weight, eat 3 meals plus 3 snacks a day or not. Live and let live!!!! But, being diabetic, I know snacks are a health issue, need them to keep the sugar digesting right. Ok, that's my input on this!!!
Bonnie ^O^ - Apr 11, 2011
Some people just like to yank the chain...and so they post to see the response....a juvenile way to get attention. It has all been said, moderation in all things, snacking IS good for you.
Peggi Anne Tebben - Apr 10, 2011
I also have one on the sweeter sid PEGGI'S PUPPY CHOW (for humans) e:
Peggi Anne Tebben - Apr 9, 2011
I think that's what I said Kellie. Cudos! I have another cracker snack, if you are interested. CRACKER PARTY MIX
Kellie Jordan - Apr 9, 2011
Just keep the mind-set that you can eat whatever you want, but in small quantities. The best way to eat is to eat 5 times a day, in small quantities. this keeps the "log" on the "fire" and a continuous burn of calories as opposed to 3 large "fires" which take forever to burn. AND those crackers are "Da Bomb" :)
Susan Finlayson - Apr 8, 2011
Snacking can be great, but a lot of people that snack, do so on the wrong things! Most snackers snack on junk!
Robin Byrd - Apr 7, 2011
I am a border line diabetic and my Doctor encourages snacking. It is one of the best ways to keep sugar levels on target. I am sad Charlotte has been misinformed. And yes life is about eating! Eating everything even the sinful foods. You have to treat yourself every now and then.
Peggi Anne Tebben - Apr 6, 2011
My Dr. just told me to snack 6 times a day. I am type 2 diabetic.
I read an article a few years ago that explained it this way:

When you eat in small amounts several times a day, it is like adding another log onto a fire that is going. It keeps burning(this symbolizes utilizing food or burning it off). When you try to starve yourself & then eat something, it is like putting a log on a fire that has almost gone out & it takes more to get it burning back again. Harder on your system, in other wise. This makes sense.
Tammy Davis - Apr 6, 2011
@ Charlotte, everything in moderation of course, but this is a foodie site.
Aury Ventura - Apr 5, 2011
charlotte: then what are you doing on a recipe site if you claim that "life isn't about food"?

i agree w/ the others, snacking IS good for you. a lot of diet plans incorporate snacking in between meals. they do that for a reason.
kim braswell - Apr 5, 2011
Me too, D! Love the Greek Style... so versatile...substitute it in so many recipes that call for cream or sour cream...makes the best Ranch dressing and I use it instead of Mayo in my tuna and egg salads... Gives a wonderfully subtle tang!
I also love it with Grape Nuts sprinkled in... and try rolling fresh strawberries in plain Greek Style yogurt and dipping one side into a bit of brown sugar or raw sugar crystals...seems decadent but is not...and so good!!!I hope your girls are doing well adjusting to their hypoglycemia...it is something that can't be explained, watching or experiencing a true sugar drop... ACK!