Chili Cook-Off! Winner Announced!

Chili Cook-Off!


Bill Wentz x2
Virginia Beach, VA (pop. 437,994)
Member Since Nov 2011

Congratulations to "BIG" BILL WENTZ of Virginia Beach, VA! His BIG BILL'S WIN OR LOSE CHILI racked up the high score in the Just A Pinch Sporty Snack Showdown Contest.

"Everyone is a WINNER when they sit down with a bowl of Big Bill's "Win or Lose" Chili!!!" laughs Bill. "Topped with a mountain of extra sharp grated cheddar and sliced jalapeno....mmmmmmm. This is one "Bowl Game" where every fan is a WINNER!"

Big Bill wins an ULTIMATE HOME THEATER PACKAGE just in time for the Super Bowl!! That's a $4,000 value! (Hmmm, looks like someone is going to be VERY popular come game day…)

Thanks to all of you who took to the playing field and entered your recipes. Double high fives go out to our stellar Runners-Up:

CINFULLY GOOD CHILI - Cynthia Creamer-Pirtle of Lufkin, TX
"Growing up an army brat with family scattered from Texas to Michigan to Florida and Georgia, I was introduced to a wide variety of foods from all over. My yankee family made blande chili that seemed more tomatoes than anything. It was good but something was missing. My Texas cousins made it so hot you couldn't taste it. The Floridians put curry in it, and well, that just aint right. I don't think the clan in Georgia made any. I began a mission for the perfect blend of these dishes and by the time I was thirty I was pretty well known for my Chili. I sure hope ya'll like it!!"

WHITE CHICKEN CHILI - Shauna Evans of Provo, UT
"I love savory soups, stews, and chili--especially when the weather turns cold. This is a savory chili packed with flavor and a little kick. This is the perfect comfort food and game day recipe. A one bowl dish that satisfies hungry football fans."

MY TRIPLE COOK-OFF WINNING CHILI - Kelly Roberts of Forked River, NJ
"I used to love to participate in chili cook-offs, [they are] sooo much fun! (I've actually won 4, but this is the recipe that won 3 years in a row.) More than happy to share! Enjoy!! :D"

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Bill Wentz - Mar 6, 2012
Thank You Dira!!!!
dira niver - Mar 5, 2012
Congratz Bill i have to try this recipe :-)
Bill Wentz - Mar 4, 2012
Thank you very much Dottie, I do LOVE the kitchen, and seeing people Smile when they taste my food!!!!!
Dottie Lake - Mar 3, 2012
Wow Bill it is so nice to see a guy who loves cooking as much as we do. As a child I grew up in Lutheran German family where my Gram and Dad did most of the cooking. My Mom was more the business woman. When I saw your chili recipe it just made my tastebuds burst with excitement. I bet your family loves your skills. Kudos to you.
Bill Wentz - Mar 2, 2012
Yaaaaaaay, Thank You Cindy !!!! I am glad they enjoyed the chili.
cindy blaylock - Mar 2, 2012
congratulations Bill, i have 5 growing boys and they love ur chili...thanks!!
Bill Wentz - Feb 29, 2012
Thank You so Much Goldie!!!!!!
Goldie Barnhart - Feb 29, 2012
Congratulations Bill, on winning the Chili cook off! Love seeing men enter their recipes and win. Again.... Congrats!!
Bill Wentz - Feb 28, 2012
Marybeth, the meal is not complete until the kitchen is CLEAN, I clean as I go washing and drying as I prep. Honestly you can eliminate the peppers altogether and have a very hearty, tasty chili to make anyone proud!!!
marybeth doriot - Feb 28, 2012
havent tried your chili yet, it looks great, but I am kind of afraid it will kill me heatwise. What are your suggestions for changing out certain hot peppers and replacing with others not quite so deadly. It's obviously aparant that you are a great cook, but do you do dishes also?
Bill Wentz - Feb 26, 2012
Sorry Jeffrey.....wish you had gotten the "Gold" Thank you for trying my chili!!!!
Bill Wentz - Feb 26, 2012
Thank You Cheryl !!!!! Thank You Diane !!!!!
Jeffrey Brothers - Feb 26, 2012
Hey, Bill...copied your chili recipe...was in a cookoff 2 weeks ago, came home third. Next weekend, meatball and red gravy cookoff,
Diane Weeks - Feb 26, 2012
Congratulations Bill. I will have to try your chili. Im kinda late with the congrats but I just joined today..2/26/12. Looking forward to being able to try lots of new recipes.
Cheryl Green - Feb 26, 2012
Congratulations Bill! I'm going to give yours a try! Can't wait. :)